It could be worse

Don’t give up just yet,

We all go through hard times

I don’t want to say goodbye,

And I care so please don’t cry


But when I stand here with you,

I see what could be so true

Please don’t leave me behind,

Because time cannot rewind


To the day that you choose,

To stop fighting; to lose

I wish you would just listen,

To the loved ones here within


We are all here to help,

Help with what you’ve felt

Every now and then.

 We decide to just give up


But please don’t go,

Just live it up

Your life is important,

You’re meant for something BIG


So push on through,

And I can help you live

With your hand in mine,

We can both survive


Just look into my eyes,

And we can push through the lies

The world is too large,

Your heart is too great


To give up now,

To walk away

So stay with me,

In this insufficient verse


As we pave our way,

Because it could be worse.

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Love the rhythm and story behind the poem. It illustrates true faith and love in that person you don't want to lose or give up on. It shows that you will stick it out with them through thick and then for you are a good friend. Never change, but change the world for the better. Keep writing on my friend. 

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