A Look in the Mirror


What's nice about me?

What do I see? 

Hell, wouldn't I like to know. 


The words beauty, flawless, and pretty

those aren't words that come to mind

words like chubby, worthless and ugly seem to find their way





My worth is so much more

more than what society makes me believe

they don't know me when I'm walking down the streets

they don't know me at all, if they did... they would come to find out


Find out that my crystal eyes can tell a story

find out that my heart loves louder than a storm of booming thunder

find out that my compassion goes further than each and every mountain top

and no one can steal that from me 


The happiness that radiates from me can not be compared to all the beauty in the world.

What's inside if me is above any outer appearances. 

My worth comes from myself and the love I have for who I truly am


No one

No words

Can deprive me of the goodness that is my whole being

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Our world
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