I Want To Be A Police Officer When I Grow Up

"I wanna be a police officer when I grow up!" A little boy of just a few year said to me.
He must not see the news.

I spoke to the boy a year later, assuming he'd have a new dream now, as childrens minds often change.
"I want to be a police officer when I grow up! I wanna help people, and protect the world!"

A couple years later the boys in middle school now.
"I want to be a police officer, but I've heard some bad things about them. People are saying they don't protect anything anymore."

As he was exiting middle school he said to me, "I still wanna be an officer. I'll protect people."

Halway through high school he told me, "I know what their saying. I know what's happening out there, but I'll make a difference. I'll be the change."

The end of his senior year he told me, "I'm doing it! I'm becoming an officer."
"Aren't you scared?"
He swallowed and his face turned pale but a smile breaks his face, "Officers are never scared." 

His first day on the job he came to see me, "We caught a theif today. Stopped him, got the store owner his stuff back." 
He glowed with pride.

After a year on the job he came to me again, "I've learned a few things."
"And what would those things be?"
"Well, first, police do get scared, they just don't show it."
"Are you scared?"
"Out of my mind."
"What's the matter, kid?"
"I'm afraid people don't see us as the good guys anymore."

Another year passes, he shoots a boy. He might go to jail, the witnesses say he wasn't armed. I go to see him.
"What's happened kid?"
His eyes are wide, empty, "I don't want to be a police officer anymore." He said blankly.
"It'll be okay. You're a good cop."
"But they're lying, and everyone's believing them." His face is pale, his voice a whimper.
"I know you're a good kid, a good cop, a good man."
"I can't protect those who don't want our protection."

They determine that the boy was armed, he's back on the job in a month. Another year passes, and he is shot. I stand next to his casket at his funeral.
The police uniform hides it but there's a hole in his chest, he was shot on the job. 

Not all cops are bad, some just want to protect. If police lives continue to be thrown away one day no child will say "I wanna be a police officer when I grow up." And then we won't have to worry about police brutality. Everyone will do what they want, kill who they want, and there will be no police to stop them.

Black Lives Matter
Arabian Lives Matter
White Lives Matter
Asain Lives Matter 

Police Lives Matter.


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Our world


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