Losing Yourself (Because I Love You)

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 09:20 -- SLS

In a relationship, you can lose yourself.


Society says:

You “complete” each other.

You’re “inseparable”.

Two halves of a whole.

It’s so easy.

It’s supposed to be easy.


How about:

Two separate, autonomous

Human beings

Supporting each other?


To put it another way,

When we first spoke, I was…


Your charm, easy demeanor, and honesty

Caught me.

But because you love me,

Your hands will always be open.


To put it another way,

Sometimes, it’s difficult.

They way we work through our difference,

And discuss our issues, learn

To argue good and clean,

Fills me with assurance.


I know that we

Will always try.

And that means a lot.  

We should disagree.

I’m glad you are you,

And I am me.


I have learned that love

Is putting in effort.

Love is caring to do so.


Yes, in a relationship you can lose yourself.

Of course, that’s terrifying.

But It’s okay to grow.

and  It’s okay to fear that growth.


When there’s fear,

It’s okay to brace yourself against another.

That’s how saplings stay upright

Long enough to become trees.

Heavy stalks need support.


But support?

Support is mutual.

Support is respectful.

of you, and your time.

Support does not entitle them,

To all of you.

And likewise,

Support does not entitle you,

To all of them.


Because I love you,

I know I do not own you.

You are not “mine”,

And I am not “yours”,

Though we may pretend.

Should this end,

I respect and love you enough

To let you leave.


Should this end,

I will always appreciate those fundamentals

That first drew me to you.

You have always been...


But because I love you,

My hands will always be open.


In a relationship,

you can find yourself.


I will always appreciate

Who you helped me become.

It has been a privilege,

To love with you.


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