Think Again


United States
29° 58' 56.6868" N, 95° 27' 43.398" W

I refuse to allow you to disrespect me,
to look over my curves, past my brown eyes and undress me.
I refuse to allow you to talk to me any kind of way
and try to feed me your repetitious lies.
I refuse to be looked upon and degraded as if I’m some kind of easy ride,
like a beautiful video vixen spreading her precious thighs.
I am a wonderful creation of my Maker,
a precious stone, a diamond in the ruff.
I am a proud black woman,
a sophisticated, educated gift to this earth.
I am a child of the most high God, that means that I’m worth far more than any amount of gold.
I refuse to be sold for less than what I behold,
to be trashed talked and categorized as a chicken head hoe.
I am a woman, who needs to be respected,
a future mother and a gift that need not to be neglected.
I refuse to be stereotyped because of my tan skin,
to be placed in an unworthy category because of my past men.
I am a valuable piece of history,
in the making; I will not be removed or shaken.
I refuse to be shaped and molded into your image,
Sorry but my God has already given me His image.
I am not interested in your lies and what you try to make me out to be,
I am confident in my past, present, and who I am destined to be.
If you think that my stance will ever change, (hmm) you better think again, you’re in for a wild surprise
because I refuse to be anything less than my deepest drive.


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