Skittles and Arizona, Gun shots=A beautiful life lost!

Yo dad do you want something from the store?

Nah son im cool.

Alright pops il be right back.

Cant picture a conversation with my father, forever finishing like that.

Nice breeze today lemme throw on my hood,

No bizzare thoughts in my mind,

My family lives in ths hood,

No need to relish the neighbor of it for justice sometimes misses its mark.

Walk in the store, feeling kinda thirsty.

Wander what my girl up to hmmmm

Guess il go with me a sweet tea arizona,

Dinner a while a way so im gone grab some skittles to.

Your total is $2.24

Well heres to 2.30 you can keep the change.

My heart hurts even writing this poem,

A boy taken away, so early in life

Over a reason that means nothing.

Salute to you kind angel, i drink my tea,

Pack of skittles i need em please.

I raise my hood, not for their being a chill,

Not to hide my face.

I raise my hood for you TRAYVON MARTIN.

For you changed a portion of earths face!


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