Lemonade Coyote, A True Hero.


Dedicated In Memory of Tim McCormick

His name was Tim McCormick, at least that was the name his family and coworkers knew him by. But to his other family. His Furry Family, he was known as Lemonade Coyote. A wonderful, caring young man, who was tragically taken doing what he loved. Helping the sick and wounded, and doing whatever possible to get a person in need back into the arms of their families. This man was, and still is a hero, having performed over 2,000 rescues by the age of 24, but like most emergency service workers he wouldn’t consider himself a hero. He would consider himself an ordinary man just doing his job to the best of his abilities. This man's extraordinary work touched so many peoples lives, that in his passing, the entire city of Indianapolis stopped in their tracks as his body passed by ambulance in a procession, with people filing out to pay their respects to a person who had “served them so bravely, and so gallantly, and so well, and so happily”, with millions stopping to pay tribute and salute him, not just for his role as an EMT, but for his role as an entertainer, and to thank him for the happiness he brought to so many people. He was and still is a great man whose name will live in the fandom for eternity.



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