Inequality In College

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 15:38 -- Meusher


Why does a professor have to guess your race? Why do students laugh at the race comments that a professor makes? Is it funny to the minorities in class? No its not. I attend a university in Central Minnesota where it is dominantly white. Why do you look at me funny professor? Is there something with my color? The intimidation is real when you walk up to your professor and they flinch at you. Yeah, I’m from the Caribbean and what is that supposed to mean. The way you look at me is the same way I’m going to look at you Professor! You say I’m not supposed to be here well I will graduate and rub it in your face when I walk down the aisle and receive my bachelor’s degree. Why do you take his/her side more than my own side? Color should not matter in this day of age though it still does and the only for it to be fixed is when it starts with you.


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