Sweetest things

Everyday I wake and do the same thing over and over again…

I wish her good morning…

I hold the door open for her…

I stop the elevator for her…

I help her pick up her things when she drops it…then offers to carry it….

I run to her to save the day in anyway…

I treat her to lunch….

I tell her she looks beautiful today….

I offer to take her home…

I listen to her day….

I am her shoulder to cry on when things go wrong…then her clown at times she needs to smile…..

I do all these things for her, but all these ‘hers’ aren’t one person they are coworkers and random people I meet throughout the day.

I do these things everyday so when ‘she’ does come along, I am ready to do these things for her and more to show her that I love her…but for now I will do these things for others, to show them that other people see them to and that they aren’t invisible….

This poem is about: 
Our world


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