The curtains opened,The lights


The curtains opened,

The lights went out,

Silence fell over the crowd.

With a burst of light,

There was quite the sight

For an hour before we all bowed.

The applause-it roared-

The greatest reward

For an actor who has worked night and day;

But then it's back to school

And "Great job!" is something no one will say.

In our schools in this day and age

Performing is a thankless feat.

It's all about sports and intelligence

Those things in which we compete.

What I'd like to see before I'm gone-

Off to college away from here-

Is some recognition for fellow performers-

So faculty, students, teachers, "Lend me your ears".

There's a lot of work yet to be done

Before I leave in a year.

There are many songs yet to be sung-

Songs I would like you to hear.

Drama, choir, and band may never be cool

But that doesn't mean they are easy.

There's a lot of work and a lot to learn;

We need more support-even when performances are cheesy.

Don't mock or call names,

Don't make fun or complain.

We are performers.

We've just come to entertain.


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