Hello Love

"Look at me beautiful," you say gently,

as you wipe away my tears,

or hold my shaking hands.

I look up to meet your eyes

          flooding with love

          flooding with concern

          flooding with warmth

as you touch my cheek

promising me that, "It'll be okay."


Normally I wouldn't beleive those words.

Normally I would push people who say that away,

becuase they never listened

because they never saw

because they never accepted

me and my problems.

Until you came along I was lost.

I was alone and misunderstood.

Nobody would listen 

much less respect

my thoughts and my dreams.

Nobody respected that I had my problems

and the efforts I made to overcome,

and nobody helped me to do that 

without the payments of money or favors.


And now you are here

with arms open wide.

Ready to listen to my side of the story

without judgement until you hear it all.

You help through the rough patches

when I am stumbling along,

despite the fact that I try and push you away

but you know it is because I lack trust.

You trust me as I trust you,

ans we listen to the world.

We don't agree on everything but that doesn't disrupt our love.


So I hold you like you hold me when we cry

So I listen as you do when we unload the weights on our mind.

So I respect your views as you do mine when we disagree

And I love you as you love me for no reason other than

upon love is what we agree.


This poem is about: 
My community


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