What Makes Me Perfect!

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 11:25 -- nsussan

I am beautiful

Something I'll never change

The way I look in the mirror

How my eyes catch everyone's attention

How I can make everyone laugh

When I don't even wanna smile

I know all the right words

To keep a conversation going


New places

New people

They aren't my weakness

It just makes me stronger

Finding a new adventure

To find myself

That's what makes me me

And I love it


I love being skinny and how my hair looks so perfect sometimes

My goofy smile which makes my eyes sparkle

Finding what I love isn't so hard

I've always loved everything about myself

If it wasn't for me being me

who else would be me

The funny one

The adventurous one

The goofy one

The smart one

The girl

The tom boy

The easy one to talk to.


What I love about me is far too much to put into words

But it ends with a smile

Because if you don't love yourself who will

And if you don't appriciate all that makes everyone smile

Who will make them smile

I'm the one who realizes nothing is perfect

And maybe I'm not perfect

But I'm perfect in my own eyes

That's all that counts.


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