Oh, By The Way


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Oh Ya, By The Way

Last night while you creeping around with that guy you met from the club,

I was already with him.

When you got home to your man and yall made sweet love,

I began to flow right through him.

See, it’s not that hard for me to get around

Matter of fact, you make it all too easy.

Because you are too lazy to protect yourselves,

I can move about freely.

See, that’s the problem when you don’t

trully know your significant other

or when you’re dealing with the floosie of the day

or a down-low, undercover brother.

I can make my way through the crowd

From one person to the next

And worst of all, when you found out you’ve slipped up,

You’re too stubborn to go get checked.

Because you’re too proud and you think;

“There’s no way I will ever suffer such a fate”

You gonna wish you had but uh-oh, guess what?

It’s a tad bit too late.

I’m already flowing through your blood

And weakening your heart.

I’m a ruthless mutha “shut your mouth”

But you knew that from the start.

To all of you who haven’t caught on to who I am,

Let me present you with my card.

After all, I am a business man too

And getting around is my job.

If I’ve offended you in any kind of way,

I just tell the truth, don’t get mad at me.

My name is Human Immunodeficiency Virus

But you can just call me HIV.


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