Your Past Life

The pretty girl who everyone wants

they admire you for your smarts 

respect all your wishes

all the boys wanted to call you theirs

and one day, a boy was able to


you thought you loved him

as teenagers do

and you really believed him when he said he loved you too 

but as you later found out

he didn't love you for you

he loved what you were allowing him to do


the boy gets tired of the same things

so he wants to try something new

but you find yourself alone and now #teamsingle

because his request, you refused


leaving you heart broken and upset 

until you find someone new

and just so this guy doesn't leave you too,

you let him reach way passed base 2


you think this is the way to go

and that he will for sure stay now,

but sadly, not long after 

he becomes distant until hes no longer around


with your heart now completely broken 

you try to fill that empty space,

no matter what people start to say 

you will go to any length


so you start to meet new boys

and hang out with 2 or 3

until they all play you like a toy

and leave you unattached, no strings


you begin to give up

on the love you try to feel

until you meet someone else

and this time you swear its real


he treats you like a princess

buys you anything that comes to mind

you meet the family and feel special 

until you see your only one of his many concubines

but you accept it because you want to feel loved 

you do anything and everything to keep him engaged

but his attention is easily distracted 

and his memory of you quickly fades away


you begin to feel at your all time low

so you say "fuck your feelings"

and you don't care to take things slow

you use them all  for their money

their house

their car

and when they declare their love for you

you forget to have a heart

so you keep using and abusing the relationships of many

until you crawl out of that phase

and the regrets you now feel are heavy


so you try to start again

trying to be on a new faithful hype

but no longer does anyone respect you

all because of your actions in your past life 


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