"His Gifts"


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"His Gifts"
By:Lynisha Arceus

H-Is for how many times he told her he loved her
I-Is for all the "I WILL NEVER PUT MY HANDS ON YOU AGAIN "he told her
V-Is for the different visit from different females telling tall tales of him

S-Is for how silly she was and not thinking twice and letting him hit that same night
T-Is for how many times she told her family those lies to protect his life
D-Is for all the doctor's visit she attend alone while he stayed home
Positive she is
A child she is
She lost her family because of him
He went out and Got another one of them just like her
He lEft her but gave her something to remember him by
Every docTor visit bill she must pay
Every 3 pills the doctor say she must take
The rings around her neck That no pearls can hide
FEars of falling in love with another guy
HopelesS running through her mind
Tears she cries every night
Scared to seE her reflection so every mirror she walks by with close eyes
She feels trappeD inside
So she search for the delete button
But couldn't find it
This is the gift he gave her
This is no ordinary Christmas gift
That's is on everyone's wish list
This is a gift she refuses to re-gift
So she called up the Grinch and told him "You're the Grinch who stole my innocents"
(POW! Sounds coming from a gun)
Then it was silence on the phone
He knew something went wrong
He called out her name
But no response
She was only 18 Diagnose with HIV and caught two STDs
Those were his careless gifts that she wished she never received.


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