The Sleeping Giant


The giant sleeping in the room
Is what  I'm wearing today.
Barely covers the end of my ass
Accents self with too much skin
Tied up in fishnet

My body is mine
This outfit my body.
Want to wear myself in the streets
Just like this
I will.

The sleeping giant in the room
Whisper so loud
Could have been a tornado
Whipped up
Harsh wind
Everyone gonna know about it.

Not afraid of the thoughts in their minds
Of curling compliments on tongues
That lie to even the elderly
My body mine
Always will be.

Not afraid of hands wander
Knew rights since birth
Knew fight at 14
Knew wants
When breasts formed
And body bled.

Cover up something  
I knew since young winter
Be free
Not something giant sleeping
Can stop me learning



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