The gift that Keeps killing.... [Not a bio but im sure some can relate]


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I was appealed by your appearance
not gone lie i was intrigued by you
but could you keep me
played my cards right i had a full house
but i guess you held the out
roses left at my door step again
i love picking them up and softly slide one against my lip
flash backs of you and in the house
while it rain
i cant even argue if you kissed me
or i kissed you first
you slide your hand on the side of my cheek
as if it spelled out beautiful
your lips made ya tongue roll down my neck
caught up in the moment passion calling my name
but i reply in a soft breath with your name
flip me turn me any way you like
i sync to your beat
dance with me....
until the music slows
and the song ends
you lay there staring in my eyes
but this time it feels cold
i've never seen this man
a quick notion of happy birthday
as if another year ive grown older
But days, months passed, i hadn't felt to good
a cold i couldnt shake
a clinic visit i wish i took way before i met you
only to findon that day you gave me the gift
a gift i cant shake
i cant get rid of
all because i forgot to protect myself from the person who was supposed to protect me
so now i have it
the gift
that keeps on killing

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