Dear #MeToo

Dear Strong, Powerful, Influential women of the #MeToo movement,


Ladies! Arise and shine for thy light has come

The world has given unto you the keys to the kingdom

No longer will you be termed “The Reject” 

For you are a regal woman, “The Elect”

You are purpose driven on a mission 

Mandated by God, armed with the great commission

Go ye into the world and evangelize

Pointing mankind in the direction to revolutionize

You are women anointed 

And appointed

Women called, chosen and selected

Women gifted and talented

Women compartmentalized and multi-faceted

Women of affluence

Women intelligent and fluent

You are upright women

Women of example

Women the real deal and not a sample

You are auspicious and Ambitious

Meticulous and ambidextrous

You are pious and propitious

Virtuous and righteous

For you are dynamic leaders

And humble sisters

For you this is my fervent prayer

That you will be elevated to dimensions higher

And given all of your hearts’ desires

Ladies, my Beloved Sistren 

You are destined to win!


Love Shani Georgette Jonas

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My country
Our world
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