You Want To Know How I Really Feel ? Well Here You Go .. When I Look At Myself In The Mirror , I Smile. I Smile Because In My Eyes I See Beauty . But As Many Times As I've Been Hurt & Cheated On, My Face Tends To Aquire This Confused & Puzzled Look, Confused & Puzzled Because I Know I Deserve Better. But Seems Like The Longer I Wait For This "Better" Male . The Better I Get At Being Alone. But Now I Regret Perfecting Being Alone. I Get Lonely to, Baby Don't You See, I Deserve Better. I Deserve To Be Able To Have That Person Who'll Lay Their Jacket Down So I Won't Step In A Puddle. "BETTER" I Deserve That Male Who'll Hold Me In The Rain & Never Let Me Go. "BETTER" Or Was It Not Meant To Be "Better" ? Was It Not Meant For Me To Find That Better Male. Better Not Meaning Perfect But Meaning Insignificly Better. But Then Again Who Deserves Better , When All Their Willing To Give Is Bitter Dispair. Bitter Dispair Brought Along By Those Who've Ramsacked Your Heart Only to Prove To The world That They Can Do "Better" . Your Willing To Give It Go But I'm Telling You & Letting You Know , If You Cant Be "Better" . Then I'll Take That Risk Of Perfecting Lonliness Untill I Find "Better" :) -Treane Patrick 



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