The Cage that Separated Us

The distance between us

was this thin metal wall

as the world passes by

and no emotion would fall

into the distance where

echoes were heard

but not a sound from people

the only the sound from the herd.


then the morning came

where not a sound was the same

but the rattle of the cage

seemed familiar in a way

the Dark Haired feline entered

sturdier than the rest

this dark haired feline

knew she was the best.


Much like my own, dark and strong

a strength that was created from

experience and love.

Stripped of my family

stripped from the rest

how I knew I knew her

was a mystery, at best.


Heartbeats filled the room

not a sound at rest

heartbeats filled our minds and chests.

Not a sound was missed, 

not a skip, nor rest. 

Not a sound was lost in the heard, 

but nevertheless...


leaned against this wall

the warmed wall with our love

and comfort

the wall which holds

a million nights of cold and dark slumbers,

my mind would never stop running

because as each day would come

although I cannot fully see her

our minds were filled with one another's love.


paw to paw

we touched the wall

but little did we know

we loved each other after all...

my paw was small,

at least smaller than hers,

but our hearts matched in size

and our purrs synchronized every word. 

She knew one day, we were destined to meet again

she knew because mother's instinct knows best.


But if she knew

how wrong she must've been

that day would come, 

where I wouldn't have been

trapped in the cage and into a home

with a new family

freed, but alone.


but my mind cannot sleep knowing that 

the three seconds of love were nothing compared to that

of a mother who sacrificed her life for mine

and the idea of being stripped away

from her love as she lived for mine,

feeding me

cleaning me

protecting me

she'd do

out of pure love and only that

surely that wouldn't do.

But she'd continue to act upon it

not a day would be missed where I wasn't

fully fed, clothed, and kissed.


And now here I am

Protected and Loved

how I would only feel that sort of love

from a maternal figure, left behind in the "pound"

without a way to come out, but anyhow

although I miss her sweet scent and love

maybe one day we will meet above.


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