Yes I DO Have A Question


My question for you

Is the truest of true

Its mostly about you

and your teaching too.


Why can't we have phones

when you waste our time and text?

Why is it when we ask questions

you just move on to what's next?


You say you want us interested

involved in the class.

But if we dare voice our opinions

you wont let us pass,

you ass.


If we ask to go potty in class

you tell us to simply wait.

So why do you yell at us

when we go before and end up late?


We can't win with you!

All you do is complain.

Your ridiculous homework

only rots our fragile brains.


You want me to pay attention?

Then earn my respect!

All you've done is waste 90 mins

and ensure my GPA is wrecked.


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