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See Dark skin just mean more sun block, it got absolutely nothing to do with 'Races'. It Just means Your Ancestor, lived in places closer to the Equator. the Sun was stronger,
For far too long now, I have been letting people get in my head and try and bring me down, But I am finally at the point where I am taking back control, and I am turning it all around.
All of my heroes were housewives Smoke a cigarette and pour me some wine Pop me a pill and I'll start to unwind
So long it's been Left forgotten, But still remembered Now I return to an old home, Looking at the memories in the rooms Carved on the walls, buried in floorboards
Progression one failure at a time! How much character can one build in a lifetime, through constant turmoil, embarrassment, and Failure after failing, after being failed
You know my name you don’t know my story Don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to stand before He. With a fake smile and lyin eyes Didn’t know what I was doin-Compromise. Traded my happiness for a drinkTraded my lows for highsWanted everything
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
I don't want to have meaningless sex just to get it out of the way. I want a love that's real, Powerful, Exciting. I don't want something that's based solely on physical attraction and longing.
Watch as I burn,And turn into ashes.Look at the smoke,The ember, and the spark,As they fade through the dark.As if they were nothing.As if they were a dream.And now, you’re finally awake.
Qatari rain falls only in the winter... Hailstorm in Spring!With next of kin Will make ya thinkDeeperProfound Thoughts more present -Homebound Ain't no more sound    
Trans woman so powerful, All my sisters collateral.  Never go on sabbatical, Cause the change could be radical.  I keep a s on my chest like a tat on me,
I never thought I feel this way to fall in love is so strange  My heart speaks but my head has fear I want you close.. no no.. I’m scared that's way too near. 
It all started one day, and I had no clue of what was coming my way I can't believe it's true. I was told it would happen,
Clouds float high in the sky. They are the apple of my eye.   They are so far, yet so near. They are so solid, yet so clear. How fast and scattered they can change. Yet, they are never in dissarange. 
So …. What's In A Word ? Well A Word Like ... F**K ... Can Possibly Mean You've Run Out of Luck ... !!!
Scarlet flames of fire dance across my fingers. The light cannot harm me,  for I am its master.   Fire bends to my will,  and dies at my command. The dark can't consume me,
she doesn't need a hero she doesn't want a prince she's not some princess in a tower surrounded by thorns below she's been left before by princes and heros, she's been on her own ever since
Birthed in the shackled knees of virtue lay the bleeding heart of my mother  A spirit drenched in heartache and skin carved from the hues of the Earth
The different layer of black skin See My roots run deep deeper than the curves of my mouth  and the width of my hips  she slips in the room smooth as melted chocolate 
I once was told, if you want to be someone in life- it starts now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now. The effort you put in today, determines the outcome of tomorrow. You will reap what you sow.
The water crashes over my body and my ears are invigorated with its sensation: It's cold in here.   I close my eyes. I see colors and hues Dripping. Down. Down. Down.
in*spi*ra*tion what a silly little word for a  forever changing fact. what is the point of being inspired if the product of inspiration is nothing but disappointment? this. 
I saw her body for what it was, her tender skin, her juicy rump- a hunk of meat. While others longed to caress her soft curves,
Imagine what I can do… I can stop racism, or at least try to change the racist minds of the world. Make others see that, we are all skin and bones, but with different souls.
red, white, and blue what does this mean to you? parades and pride, a country you take in stride. that's what the colors should do for you.  
I walked down the aisle Wearing a pretty smile   I woke up in the morning And found a wish by my side Everything seemed so easy in the clearing I was so happy and smiled
  They’re hardworking. They’re talented.  The staff is very dedicated.    They desire for the youth to be heard.  In addition, they fill one another.    With the power needed to move on. 
“You owe it to me” He says, with a genuine tone “Come with me girl Keep me company Don’t you leave me all alone”   “No”
“You’re nothing but a dirty, nasty female” His words rang in my ear Rang in the air The venom in his tone flooded the classroom
You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok   I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
Creator is to artist as scientist is to technician. I ain't no fucking electrician. I am electricity.  I have velocity. Enough for an attrocity. No animosity. But I got to be
Her fingers and spark was such finesse  No one really knew  how to love it/ People tried to hold her but every time
Do I intimidate you? With the way I wear my skin  Do you fear the way I stand?  Because I don't let my insecurities win   Can you handle the way I walk  like I've got red carpet beneath every step
Do I intimidate you? With the way I wear my skin  Do you fear the way I stand?  Because I don't let my insecurities win   Can you handle the way I walk  like I've got red carpet beneath every step
La Boca the mouth Mi Boca My mouth I speak but I am hushed Callate me dicen No one should be allowed to speak   tienes poder Lo tienes? Do you have power? No.
No more swooshes on black bands a powerful woman, once forgotten she is feared by men of all lands Srong, glowing, winner fast, competitive, sinner VICTORY emblazoned on her back
I am not your magic wand. I will not come when you beckon for my flesh. I will not grant your every wish like a genie in a lamp, a slave to your waking whim. I am not chained in bonds of service. Nathan is a free elf.
My heart feels like it's been punched in my chest my cramps feel like my stomach wants to pop my head feels like it wants to explode with fire with a fever My body feels like it wants to shake with nerves
When I close my eyes I woke up at a wonderful place. I felt cold like ice of snow. As I walked through a bright light. The light was so bright that my eyes were closed. I walked up there was a tree.
When I was young everyone around me called me a princess. I wore the dresses, I had a kingdom, I was loved, but most of all I waited for a prince to come.
There’s an old phrase that states if only these walls could talk.
I should have realized from the start. That your powerful words of discrimination are tearing me apart. Favoritism for my white cousin are abundantly clear. Compliment's galore you gifted them year after year.  
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
  The dark of the womb The warmth of a mother’s touch All the safety I felt when I was a child. Slowly dissipated in the air  Randomly—Change was subtle and all at once As my body morphed
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
why do some people think that they have to be perfect. I belive in this world no one is perfect. why do some people think that being perfect is a full time job.
That’s the sound of the world stopping September 18th, 2018.   To this day, when I picture you, All I hear are snakes.
Stop, get out of my thoughts. Get out of my mind. I pushed you out for a reason. I block your name out at the thought. I still can’t help but flinch when I hear your name.
Over the years I have been young, but not young minded  Ive been strong, but not full of power.  I have grown and glown over time; swiftly you might think  faster than you could count to nine. 
I write to disappear From my problems From the world I write because sometimes it feels like only paper will listen to me I write because I want to feel alive
  Unsure eyes well with tears - Hair donated mere hours ago. Shorter than it has ever been, Reflecting the fuse inside.   Pallid hands grip the vanity,
Don’t come around here and act like nothing happened. Don’t act like you didn’t break me. Like you didn’t poke and prod until there was nothing but fragments of what was.
The Black Sheep feels no appreciation  The Black Sheep feels no love  Looked down upon by her own flock  Mistreated by the ones who love her the most  Well Supposed to
The clock mocks me with its ticking. Dumb. Stupid. Idiot. Dumb. Stupid. Idiot. Dumb. Stupid. Idiot. I'm Dumb. I'm Stupid. I'm an Idiot. I have a learning disability. Though..
The past three years have been the hardest strongest most vulnerable time of my life. 2016 granny died suddenly, stage 4 pancreatic cancer two weeks, three days, gone. 
When I was younger, the possibilities were endless. My dreams were all in reach, but now I forget this. A feeling of freedom I no longer remember,
  Lost to an act so long ago, a kid already but I didn’t know what it was you that you did and yet although I was so naïve I could tell how wrong it was to not go
I’m angry. And I have a right to be. Because ain’t nobody fighting hard enough for our EQUALITY.   
perserverance .     So I focused. strength .    So I needed faith. tired .  So I gained power. weak .    So I kept going. push.   Until I gained courage. through.    So I felt the drive.
I am not defined by the color of my hair or the size of my hips You can’t make me believe that all I am worth is what you tell me I am not worthless, because I’ve made a world of differences to the ones who know me best
you said i couldn’t do it but all you did was remind me that my power was from within and my flames burned from embers buried deep within the soul i have nurtured and built
I am a human, last time I checked. Did my awkward bumbling block me from being the best I could have been? "You have so much potential?" Then why does it seem I feel empty?
Catch the Vision! Reach high for your goals! Seize each opportunity! Never let go! Never stop learning and you’ll surely find wellsprings of knowledge as endless as time!
Catch the Vision! Reach high for your goals! Seize each opportunity! Never let go! Never stop learning and you’ll surely find wellsprings of knowledge as endless as time!
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
I was seven years old when I learned I wasn’t white I was seven years old And a student in Ms. Moran’s first grade class My cheeks were pink and my nose turned up
  How many times have your parents pulled you aside and had THE TALK   see black people have a different talk than your usual sex talk 
When you live with anxiety for so long it almost becomes a routine in your head. Like a clock ticking in the background as you try go along with your day ignoring the thoughts that still exist in your head.
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
This is for all the brothers and sisters that fell before their time. Laying on their back because of another's crime. Time to open our eyes and step out our cage.
You see me with a hoody on maybe dressed in all black and you think I'm gonna rob something in a store. But I have my hood on because it's chilly, and I'm just here for some Takis.
How to be pretty if you are unfortunate with your looks; a WikiHow Be realistic, are you “ugly” or just simply average? Average is normal
See me... That's all I ask, Not for what I have but for who I am. See me as a person, Not as a product, I am not some thing, I am someone. A woman to be precise,
Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit 'Cause the more you give, the more they want
He created me from the clay that He created you with My heart chants your name My eyes brim with unshed tears
It's cold          I'm frustrated Thinking of quitting Yet, he's my stronghold    Take a deep breath Examine the scene Hold it all in It's not life or death  
Captain, surely they cannot expect me to lead. Surely there will be instructions left for me. This ocean is vast and will swallow you whole surely a child isn’t meant to battle it alone.
You created who I am today, who I strive to be   You gave me life You loved me You put a shelter over me head You gave me a bed to sleep in
A winter's day On a snowy and freezing evening I am alone Sitting in a room full of warm bodies Surrounded by laughter and chatter
Charming she is. Nifty sits in her eyes tummbleweed sout in her pom poms  fast and funny  badass funky  and bold as ice cream sweet strawberry. A petunia with a heavy punch  She's packin;
Though we are convicted walking down the streets. We are not the enemy your here to protect many. Sure many were criminals but, to what intent not to harm only to fight back with no work, no intelligence, no money. We are
I am who I am and I don't plan on changing I have blood on my hands and my storm is still raging I fought all I could, but my battle is over You took all the luck from my old four leaf clover  
    no one   saw  what you   did except           the crickets    in the        garden     who            chirped a       melody
You don’t know how you plucked my heart like a rose and it skipped a beat as you                   whispered the sweetness of sonnets.
It is 2018. It is time. Time to end the stereotypes and say its fine.   Throw away your barbies. And say it out loud! I won’t take it anymore
Dear Black Girls,
A person you trust Gives a quiet hush With nothing to had, to love or to lust The person you know, gives a quiet hush
Wombs.  It’s where we all come from And it would be wise to  Respect Them. Too many times It’s taken upon Men To neglect  Them. Degrade them. And even
As a person born into privilege, I've never had to worry about going homeless, going hungry, being forced into prostitution, or being ignored due to my race or religion.
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
In this world I do not understand I have found there are many things to love The earth, the wind, the sky, the beauty and everything that exists above   There are many things to love
What do I call myself? If the world sees me differently than I see myself? If I’m a blancita? Blancita, a white girl. Am I just a white girl?
I love you But not enough To give up the universe inside meLet its planets fall out of or
I won't be quiet I won't shut my mouth I'm always right, especially when I'm wrong Never underestimate my strength, because my size and high pitched voice is just a front I wear my crown proudly, because I can
"we're going to write poems" my heart dropped to the floor. "we're going to write poems"  my brain croaked with lifelessness. "we're going to write poems" and i pursued an escape.
Its been 18 yrs Riding with you Rollercoaster rides and singing the Blue's I gave U every girl you needed I became any girl you wanted After all those years Wasted!! Now U wanna be with me? No!!
when i couldn't turn to anyone words put on paper let me feel comfort in the simple words she, he, they a lover of poetry and people
You rip off your clothes and he tears off his. Wait. Come back you’re going too far. See my clothes are my inner feelings and things I cannot express.
The emotions forming within me need some form of releaseSwirling, seething, the anxious beast lurks beneathTo bury inside what needs to come out, it is a dangerous feat nonetheless
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet To surreptitious love, brutish sorrow,
it’s 2am. for her it’s the start of a bottomless pit. writing pushes her into the deepest recesses of her mind.
As I play with your tiny toes and teeny hands, I can’t help but think of the future at hand.   These little toes will soon walk, In lands where all kinds of people talk.  
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Over thousands of moments and breaths lost to useless protest, My throat continues to grow more raw, more strangled, To the point my heart cannot carry even my deepest motivations into my words.
Hungry, my brain’s insatiable appetite devours sweet, skillfully written words The lines flow, a river of rhymes, winding down a path of metaphors and similes
My mind was jumbled, like a puzzle piece trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t shaped for me. Trying to come up with the reason as to why I couldn’t be both.
  She, with elusive fluidity, was  an advocate for all female creatures. Beginning to entertain the idea that women are on this earth
A real man will know your body is sacred His desires are more than fruit from a tempress' garden  He will be pactient He will not try to decieve If he is a man Then he will only see you
Dear glass child The way the sun shines through you is blinding  It looks like heavens pouring out of your skin Dear glass child You are so beautiful
apatheticly optimistic in hopes of being domestic but my veins scream with the breath of the wild welcome to the forest dearest flower child
Dear attacker,   It has been so long since I’ve seen your face yet I feel I will never forget it brown eyes pale skin white teeth the most charming smile
It's been so long since I've seen her.  That little girl I used to know so long ago.  When she was little she sat for hours and stared off into space.  Hoping for a better life, wishing for things to change.
Dear brown girl,   They don’t know why You are dripping in melanin And honey and cocoa butter. They don’t know that
Hello Mr. Or Ms.
Hello Mr. Or Ms.
Dear Dad,   Where were you?When mom was working 24/7 to put food on the table. Where were you? When your own flesh and blood came into the world unstable. Where were you?
Dear Mom,  I'm sorry it has to be like this.  I wish you were able to get a good night's sleep instead of dozing on a lumpy hospital chair all night,  And having to go to work the next day. 
Dear me, If only I could’ve warned you If only I could’ve taught you For there are things you’ll lose and never find For there is a pain we have that I no longer mind   Dear me,
Dear Hearing,    It’s been almost ten years since I’ve heard from you.  The discovery of your abrupt disappearance etched into my memory.  I know now, that it was only a matter of time before you left. 
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
Dear Jessica,    What does a man feel like? Is he soft like trampled moss? Or scratchy like peeled back bark? Does his smile warm your heart?
Lo mismo Un angel maldicho una prostituta debil un rey mudo una silla en medio del bosque un coche sin manejador
Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help, I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have Just trying to make life go right In a world that seems all wrong
To Humankind, It was not a human hand, That rolled the planets into spheres And placed them side by side. It was not our fingers
You may be dressed in a most elegant shade,  But I know it is merely a facade because I behold intelligence in your eyes. 
Dear Alexander,   I hope there is never a day you understand what I mean by my want to pick apart, destroy, and ruin just as I had felt you had done to me.
Pardon me while I speak from my roots By this, I mean the beginning of my hair follicles So excuse me if my words sound twisted or dark by nature If you catch my drift.   Joined and denounced by many
Talking. Talking is hard. Breathing, eating, sleeping.  It all seems hard. From the time I was a young girl to now, everything has been hard. Exspressing my feelings is hard but I have a dream.
we are people, not objects or products, not apologies or excusesoften dehumanized and abused, as if we are not your sisters, mothers and daughtersmen have the audacity to mistreat
Dear Future Self,     I am writing this right now because I need scholarship money. High school is ending soon, and I am overwhelmed.
Hush...Be quite little girl Don’t speak Just Smile without your teeth Hush...Be quite little girl You should be afraid  Just look good for the men and shouldn’t care what they say
You bit me when I was tenderbecause you knew i was easy prey.Knowing i would fall weak at the knees on the cogency of your wordsKnowing I was soft as the petals scattered on the bathroom floor.
Can someone explain the meaning of life? Is it like a swimming pool filled with knives? Or like trying to swim in a dry ocean? Or is it like creating a potion? How can just four letters be so complex?
As a child, so fragile, so pure you broke my confidence as the blood rushed to my face when you said that I would never be anything in front of the whole class
Dear My Biggest Fear,   What are you? This question has been lurking in my mind for quite some time now, So I thought I'd just ask you upfront- what the hell are you?
Dear black brothers and sisters,
"I am frustrated  so very frustrated."   It's all for the best, I swear. It's all just a way to make you see
Dear Women of the 20th Century,    Women you are stronger then this  Women don’t let men down-size you  When you have all the qualifications but they turn you away Be soft as a rock 
Dear Edward Said,   What have you done? What have you done to me You have torn open my old wounds Those festering razor slashes Dozens, Accumulated over years, Every time I realized
To my future daughter, I had hope to never have you, but don't think of yourself as unloved or unwanted, rather you are my miracle, my salvation.
  Let it be True Let it be Real Let the rain wash away and Let the Sun bring a New Day
The brown eyes that I fell in love with made me feel safe. They gave me comfort on rainy days and illuminated my heart when I told you it was grey. That was when we confirmed our love, you told me I was sweet as a blooming passionflower. 
Dear Ex,   I’m not plastic. I’m real, but you didn’t want that. You wanted something recycle and used over and over again. You never wanted lovin, you wanted 5 minutes of a “good time”.
Because I love you, I will continue to follow my dreams I will expect the respect that I deserve. I will make my own decisions and I will be independent.
I asked my mama, Why must we go? She held my small hand and gave it a meek squeeze. "For however long the nights are still cold, and our empty stomachs continue falling asleep, we won't exist anymore.
HEY!, DON'T TOUCH ME RIGHT THERE!!!! I AM A LADY!!!! Im no one of these easy chicks Im not the one to get up in it quick I AM A LADY!!!! I'm not gonna allow you to touch my ass
Because I love you, Ill ignore the aberration feeling in my heart. Because I love you, Ill ignore all of the belated compliments you've given me.
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
For me,  you were a miracle,  a secret,  untouchable, youthful, my favorite metaphor, but it turned into the darkest poem, you took what I had to give, until there was nothing left,
Once upon a time, a man fell in love With a stunning woman under the sea; They seemed to fit, so when push came to shove He asked her to be his queen, with much glee.  
Once upon a time, A princess sat inside a tomb -a crystal coffin set by dwarves beneath the light of crescent moon-   They watched her blink her glassy eyes
I am engulfed the many flames you've lit, with the intention of setting my vision ablaze Yet they only seem to act as fuel to my internal flame Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days,
Once upon a time She glided along the castle floors Cold hard marble against her warm soft feet She lived but yet she was not alive  
What would I change If I could what would I rearrange about myself my health? my community my reality If I could should be honest probably my weight or my face
  Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside. And she shows the world how she can freeze hell over with one stare.  
  Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside. And she shows the world how she can freeze hell over with one stare.  
In stories like Cinderella, the princesses always end up with a prince. But what if they didn’t? Would the endings make you wince?  
There once lived a prince with a high status quo  and a pauper whose status meant naught   but a fated encounter brought them together and the prince indeed fell in love  
    I am the KID you see before you smiling I will be there to comfort you to stop you from crying But behind closed doors I have my fears to hide
These classic fairytales have got it all wrong. For starters, if the word typical is a synonym for classic, why is it impossible for me to relate them to my life? These are not typical stories.
When I speak it goes unheard but when I'm silent it speaks words I don't care about the actions you percieve but to me I'm more than an average chick I'm a powerful black queen
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
Your voice is one of the most powerful instruments you are born with, It has both ended wars and started them all with a flick of a tongue. It conveys our emotions and sings our songs.
Little Red Nametag goes on a walk She's spent half of her day at her job on the clock And retail pays well and it gives her a living, But customer service isn't worth the penny.
if you wanna be a princess, there are some things you have to know: how to be polite, not ask questions, plan ahead. sit still, ana, so that
black girlYour skin is of goldIt shines ever so brightly in the sunThe sun kisses your skin ever so softlyCreated from brown sugar, cocoa, and honeyOh so sweet you areBlack girl
once upon a time, a time in the distant. a time for the future. a time too far out of reach for the princess of today. we are the the warriors, the godesses.  the nuturers, the consultants,
Once upon a time… There was this lovely lady who wanted nothing more than to be free from her wicked step-mother and sisters After a few months of putting up with the abuse she left, disappeared to never return
my body might not be strong enough to be a shield but my mind is undeniably a sword my voice summons me to the forefront and the world is my battlefield—
The times her curly hair flew as she walked Those brown eyes, wondering, waiting For someone to catch her From falling into an abyss of agony. This girl didn't want to grow up and face reality
It is not just the I am not pretty enough for them, or the it is my fault. It is not only am I not pretty, but I'm fat and actually just plain ugly as well. It is the I can see why they left just look at my mess of a life.
When you hear the word NORMAL You think Of the common man or woman You think Of nothing special  Just plain, the "Average Joe"
Land of the free And home of the brave That’s what they’d say. Yes, That’s what they say.     But then like a plague
Who the hell are YOU? Who are YOU to tell ME what I can and cannot wear? Who gave YOU the right to decide what I do with MY body? Who are YOU to touch ME without MY consent?  
There Is Two Types Of Love A Hate Love And A Real Love. Patience Is A Virtue But Is There A Such Thing As A Patient Love? Greater Is He That Is In Thee, Spiritually In Tune With Who I Want To Be.
They call her America the Beautiful the wonderful, the wise. And they tell me I must be patriotic, if I am to  learn to rise. But I lay in
I live in a magical world where a land called borderlandia exists, where my ancestors slaved away to provide for their familia. So I could be here today, I am pieces of my ancestors.
We can’t be a diverse world and be based on equality when skin colour seems to be a trending problem. We have changed discrimation into a philosophy where we have this mind set of different races being superior to other.
We pick a man that we don't accept  The country is divided and already in effect  We can only have a voice and be heard by having protests We reject the president-elect 
I am not ashamed of myself. I wonder how other people think of themselves. I hear people everywhere. I see all sorts of emotions on people. I want people to understand the world around them.
I'm confident for life no matter what the cause I wear whatever I want I know ima' boss People say I'm weird, but I don't play that game I shoot, I score pick up the pen write my name
She watches the clock, She hates to be timed. Yet she loves the pressure of a short notice. She learned not to be hesitant after her many setbacks. She's be told of her potential, pst, like she didn't know,
Turn back the clock and head back to the very start.The very first page, when I still had no broken heart.When all was right in the world and I was still his little girl.When I was still naive and I still believed in me. Roads take us away, we pic
My skin. Look at my skin. What am I? I am a mixed girl in a obscure world. When I would play on the playground. Small, this high, my wide eyes didn’t yet recognize the lies.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see? Is that my own face staring back at me? Those are my eyes, I assume. But from where do they come within my heirloom?
To my demise. Words cannot describe  how emotional I was to make page 365. This year long story was my downfall and uprising surprising to become a person to wither yet bloom from the ashes and arise like the fire screeching phoenix.
They see my smiles beaming, my laughter singing as I rejoice in the beauty that is life “Little Miss Sunshine,” they say. 
Last year, I was lost. Last year, I didn't know who I was. Last year, I didn't want to be alive anymore. This year, I was able to find myself. This year,
Hell Yeah! I have thunder thighs, And you better believe I have lightning to go with them: Purple and white zig-zags flashing across my upper legs, stomach, and butt. My torso is formed by soft rolling hills-
Drawing Drawing myself From the inside out Sheltered by bone, Veiled in Cream colored Flesh, My hand holds my pencil
Iv'e watched desire, existence and the ripened fruit fall and clash from the disrespect of inhuman species Glided through adolescence hoping that the kinks in my curls will relapse through its stuggle 
There are minimal downsides to being a Poet, But one of the few is that it's difficult to simultaneously be One As well as the girl you want me to be.   It's difficult becuase we'll be in English class,
Pop your collar, working class hippie, rainbow kid in work boots- scorch the earth with defined footprints.
They say that time heals all wounds. But what if the pain Never subsides, And the bleeding never stops? And the scars that people wish they could rub off, You’d give anything to have instead.
I am not the same today is a different me some would say it is a shame  but I know I must let it be  because the world keeps moving  and we all keep dying so we need to keep proving
Black girl,Don't you know you're a queen?With that thick coily hair and that natural sheen.Your illuminated skin has a voice of its own, And your beauty within leads you right to your throne.Black girl,Don't you know you got it going on?Full lips,
A muddled society is what we've become. Contentious and so delicate of the facts. Rioting over our facebook roots, That's our knowledge, It's become painfully inevitable. Conformed, Uninterested,
Yes. I am a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me weak. I'm a girl,  and no, that doesn't make me meek. Just because I'm shorter and smaller doesn't mean you can holler at me, and cat call as I walk by, 
grow, feel and unite   a distant voice calls me there the will to survive  
I am strong.   My heart pounds out of my chest…     Harder and harder.       My legs push off the ground...         Faster and faster.           My muscles stretch as my feet propel me forward,
There's no competition when I'm around, because everyone gets nervous with many crying sounds!   The competitors get terrified when I am near. When I win, the others give a crestfallen tear.  
  Welcome Welcome, a feeling I can never have in my own home Welcome A word, meaningless to me because people toss it around with abandon, Then render it useless, less than great Akwaaba
The Sun intrudes into my bedroom, Her rays glare into my face, With brutal light, its intensity hard to take I was sleepless and down, my body worn out,
My alarm goes off The sweet sound of the ukulele jingle wakes me from my slumber As I embrace my gray plush blanket, I hit ‘dismiss’ and consider remaining in the warm, cozy fuzz of blissful sleep
Me that / powerful noun we / use to express the one person Me / the one person who will listen to / Me that / lovely word we / see as our escape to be free Me / the kid who can see / what i need to be / 
I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman. A black woman with power, an independent woman, a woman with the vision to change the world. 
I catch my 10 year old little brother staring down the weighing scale I guess you can say That’s he’s a bit... Broader Beefier Fluffier
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n nnnnnnn
You can swim in my waves, but take care not to drown. Be wary of the riptide that will drag you down beneath the waves and out to sea, too far into me
This is for you Mother I wish you were here today I know you really would care for me I know that you would feel my pain. I know I would feel okay If you would tell me everything would be okay.
My sister and I may be opposites And fight almost all the time, But when she packed and left for college I couldn’t help but cry.
I run from the world I hide, not so old My pen and worn words Young poet, old swords   Both shield and offense I count in my tense To fight is a lie But with words I try  
 Words were just words before poetry,trails of letters, strings of sentences,No rhythm, no rhyme, no meaning.  The voice that was minewas a bucket of gray paint,and I was not content,  For within me I knew
Broken hearts make better poets,  Or at least that is what I heard.  But I have never experienced love,  So to me that is absurd.  I do not know what it feels like to be incomplete without someone by my side.  
This is for you. This is for the wide eyes at three in the morning. This is for the salty wells collected in my pillowcase.
Your Lungs filled with cement, your feet like bricks. Your ears, open doors to shameless words of hurt. Eyes always watching but never friendly. Tearing you piece by piece,
Am I not black? My skin tone is farer My language is different? I don’t know slang I don’t listen to rap   They call me
I see the family on the table their crowns speak royalty as my hand reads numbers that stand without pair. I look around the table
I see the family on the table their crowns speak royalty as my hand reads numbers that stand without pair. I look around the table
Isn't it such a big wordLost in our lazy, selfish worldSimply meaning to stay in the raceKeeping running no matter the pace Persevere, keep going onDon't stop at all keep going strongNo matter what life throws at youYou keep going strong, no matte
I realized I was glassy-eyed Claiming my life was a surprise To these times when they capitalize Off the lies and the truth-tellers  Were sacrificed.  When I self-actualized I was no longer pacified
Poetry is strong. Poetry is powerful. Poetry means so much to ME and others. poetry is a work of art. You can write poetry about anything...life, you, family.
A word you hear almost everyday, but are we really living it, breathing as we are supposed to? Words can define you but you can also use them to bring out the best,
Angry poetry written on scrap sheets of paper, Chewed up pens. and ink covered hands. That is what it is like to be a poet. Ideas running through your head. Thoughts burning your fingertips.
This Body is me it is us it is we   This body is mother it is sister it is lover   These arms have rocked children These hips have rocked men  
They tell me that I can be anything I want to be and desire to be  From when I was a child I was told the sky was the limit But as I grew up I started to understand that what I was being told was not the truth
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 I am with no limitations We met Played at the swings I didnt want to leave. 8, 9, 10, 11 We kissed not turning back I was in his grip 12, 13, 14, 15
I am red,like an ambitious flame,angry and risingand my voice echoesloudly,demanding to beheard over theendless whispers andincessant criesthat fill the void in my mind.I am fire,
Outlandish tasks Scribbled passionately One: To meet the infamous Ms. Oprah Winfrey. As a puppy waits for Owner to return,
Treated differently because of the color of our skin They only pay attention to what's on the outside, never thinking twice about what's within Looking at you funny when they see you want to advance
Since the beginning i've been speechless Wondering while creeping Figuring out who I really am Nah I'm not sad  This is nothing but a seqence When I finally put pen to paper Writing became my savior
We live in a world where we still get judged on the color of our skin, And people don't even bother to notice what is within. We live in a generation where we are stuck behind a phone screen, 
It wasn't really the words Rather, the art
I'm sitting in this cold hard chair. Wondering where I went wrong. Unable to sit back because I keep feeling the splinters peirce my back.
Her heart as deep as the ocean She is mysterious like the other side of the moon Her intellect as bright as the stars Her skin glows like a million suns   She is as fierce asa cheetah 
Six foot tall but I don't want to play football Two hundred pounds of muscle but I can't make a friend I'm bigger than most of them but I'm told I'm less manly They don't talk to me but they talk about me
Arthritis makes a comfortable home within the crevices of my mother’s bones, cheeks stay on fleek though, skin stay on fleek though, what are wrinkles to black bodies?
You’ve changed.That’s what they keep telling me. You’ve… changed. Of course,you’re right.I’m not thevulnerable,young girlI used to be.
I got tired after a while I got tired of tapping people on the shoulder and they cover up their ears  I got tired of letting their  thoughts
Over all of the pain and sorrow We will overcome We have to stay strong and believe that the world can be altered Once in a while things will get tough, but we have to stand tall and be judicious
I cannot live without knowing that I am in control of my life... I am a dancing flame. I am everlasting and vibrant. I glow brighter with every passing hour.
I cannot live without knowing that I am a black girl. My skin is as dark as the soil. My life is brought to the roots of my ebony.
Sometimes all it takes is one. Two is a couple and three is a crowd, but one is the difference that you need to separate between a few and many. Many revolutions grew from a few select thoughts ignited by action like gunpowder to flame.
All I need is the motivation, the motivation to get up in the morning, the motivation to keep getting up in the morning, the motivation to get up every morning. The motivation to make it
She is a wife, a treasure that should be beloved! From the ground, she walks on to the air she breathes above She is a mother, a precious gift! Without her, life would not exist
It is the star The star with the light It is so bright   It is the man The man with the will He is so great   It is the girl The girl with the brain She is so brilliant
Somewhere down the road we took a wrong turnWe became curious of our Cheshire cat smilesand we fell down the rabbit holeWe got lost in each other's world of fantasy and illusions
All I need is to live without material things, being without is being empowered
stuck between cracked heart and broken ribs lies fear no whisper is let slip without a quiver a lionheart won’t last without the spear   of courage loud as red in hot summer
we're dead while living. we're living but not breathing we were alive before being born, we grow without growing we see without seeing we hear but not everything we know
As I grew, I learned to curse this sun kissed skin. It felt like a trap to me, plaguing me as leper- socially condemned being… but after I gazed at my brother, the blackened night sky,
I AM A WOMAN i have faced with many challenges and trials i have been through discrimination and bullying i have failed i have made mistakes I AM STRONG  i have overcome the odds
The advertisements on the television screenSell sex, beauty, creamsA pill for your misery“Oh, you don’t look like a photo shop lie? What’s your alibi?You should love your body naturally, but only if you look like me!”
i’m beautifulbecause i demolish my poltergeistswith syllables that pulse under my skin,a crescendo of the ivory keyswhen the tempo is accelerando;because i can and willopen your cranium
To buy some eggs and to buy a loaf of bread Useful to the community a lot of reasons come to my head Cooking necessities and treats for the little one Kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom products for everyone
Who Am I? I am not an idea I am not who you want me to be
  Another story on the news just broke A father just died from being choked Just like an innocent boy with a toy got killed And a teen with his hands up was shot against his will
My name sounds better coming from your lips. The way you draw out the syllables and vowels in my name.   It sounds new and magical. I am made new.   No longer
I am beautiful
I am beautiful I am empowered I am worthy I am allowed   I am unstopable I am smart I am witty I have heart   I am a daughter I am a friend I am a sister
What empowers me, Is to look, at my frail wrists, And see that I am finally free, Of the shackles, I'll never miss   What empowers me, Is to look back, every now, and then, Just to see,
Did I deserve to be taken? Did I deserve to be silenced? Did I deserve to be beaten and... Do I deserve to be in pain? Will it always be this dark of a world?
  You know I can hear you whispering Did you expect me to care? Guess what, it’s all true The rumors about Shannon and I In the school bathroom What? Did you think I was ashamed?
To be a bastard is to be fatherless To be a bastard is to have a father in Heaven To be a bastard is to be without the Father in Heaven
because that's what you do to the people you love– you crush them between your clammy hands that you never let me hold, you wiggle your fingers to sift through those pulverized remains so that only the big pieces are left
When I was in high school I was very conscious of the way I smiled And talked and laughed and sat And I never knew where to put my hands As I walked down the hallways And I was usually looking down
at age 13: girls were Sluts; Bitches, Whores, or Prudes,  and we thought that the length of jean aeropostle shorts were fuses that would lead to some dangerous explosion of promiscuity because:
You've been walking long Cheap, hard, a bad life  Shady friends, cigarettes and hard liquor  I know you want to rage  I know you want happiness, and it's on its way  
The Awesomeness in Me is why I get up out of bed. Even though, everyday, I would rather not. The Awesomeness in Me is why I still attempt to look nice everyday 
You are not a second choice, 
Filter, contrast, brighten, enhance
If there was something I could tell you, I would keep it real. I would tell you this so you would know how I feel
LOOK at me. STARE at me.   PIERCE with your judging eyes  
If I told you I wore my heart on my sleeve You wouldn't believe,  because its barely a heart.   It's bruised and its scarred  From all the places its been marred by my own insecurity.  
I am made of sticks and stones. I rebuilt myself from those I found Strewn about the kitchen floor, Remnants of your drunken tirades. My bones felt hollow When I learned that yours
She came treading pale footsteps, in the light of eternal moon, broken rays intertwining in twigs and leaves,
I see those around me
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
I am writing to let you know you are not alone. No matter how romanticized the rogue in you becomes. For all my wanderlust roving dreams of distance, I am writing in hope you know your heart is not a fight club.
I am the future I am a leader I can contribute to changing the world It starts with me, with you and I together 
Please, do not mistake my careful acquiesce for a lack of will. As nice of a girl as I may be, I am not weak. My backbone is strong enough to carry the weight of the solar system.
Then the wind blows harder sending drifts of snow across the cracked parking lot The stinging air slowly turns my face red as I trudge towards my destination
They say look in the mirror and then you'll see your worth. Well my mirror has been dirty even since birth. Scratches and a smuge, one right over my face. Society's image of me, in my mirrors place. 
whistle my entire existence is contingent upon
"Speak softly, moon faced child, so that they do not hear you when you quiver. Let your inhibitions ride you like a dog,
My crooked smile and loud laugh Are things that make me flawless   My hyperactive crave for change Are things that make me lawless   My 4'10" stature and petite frame Attribute to my smallness
A metamorphosis   Image. Your looming shadow hunched stature
I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
Some people judge you Most people want to be you What do I want? Acceptance I can’t change who I am This is the only life I have I will always be Too skinny  
Flawless is waking up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like everything that the world says matters is irrelevant at that moment and I
To think such beauty could emerge from the dirt To think she could withstand being tread upon To endure the mental and physical hurt   No, this is not the treatment she chose To be treated like a weed 
 I am made of goldSupple and ripe I am embodied venusLike the seas I sway and pull in those who dare to indulge I am unstoppableA queen A goddess  Nothing more nothing less
    The creation is never able to be greater than the creator And so I should never be surprised when you have something different in mind for me. Even though I suffer and "suffer",
Eyes of Ardent Ferocity/ Take your gaze off of me. Hungry, you look to devour/ Feverent, you will consume me  with all that you are-   Unfold your wings, stay your grace-
    This is the lie that we all comply to That stops us from living the life that we fly through   "I'm too unintelligent to answer that question"
Summer has gone, the leaves have turned, and the world spins closer to darkness. The money is gone, the family has split, and the midnight sky is starless. The house is gone, the nights are long, my soul is lost and broken.
A Women of All Odds   Please pay no attention to the women behind those books Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage
The mentality of a black woman
It doesn't matter my height,I have to look up to you. I was born with no choiceAs a woman. That automatically makes meSmallerWeakerUnimportantOnly for your entertainment.
We go through things in life some good and some bad  But whatever experiences that you've had should not make you sad  don't withold your story from others dont be ashamed and share them with one another
Who I was three years ago and who I am today, are polar opposites   Three years ago, I was hindered by fear and lack of confidence   In my mind I knew I could be great
His kisses are the stains of black and blue that decorate my pale skin, like proclamations of affection shouted into the void, they forever float, a reminder of our romance a reminder that He loves me
  Survive the storm, thunder, and rain, dig deep inside to locate the pain. Follow its stem down to the roots, unveil the confusion and discover the fruits.  
On your mark. Set. Go! Out into the world and claim it as your own See the passing street lights as you get into your zone Focus, as you open your stride
I stand behind a wall of pain Gazing out into a world of blame, that You're so quick to spue from a fernace of flames, that Your mouth claims. I stand  
Outside-- the chill of her cold appears like wisps, deciding to make its home inside my bones. Every lick of her icy breath is a familiar comfort. As she settles in,
They whistle and howl Am I just a piece of meat? Faster, wolves devour   Note to Reader: I am a woman. I expect to able to walk down the street and not fear for my safety. I am a woman.
I am a woman.
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
It really doesn’t hurt, But yes, I know my weight. I see the way I look, And I see you looking too.   It really doesn’t hurt, Besides, even I make jokes, My odd shape is comedy gold,
Give me a sec to get my mind straight. And let me speak out what I feel every day. You wanna know what my struggle is, so listen carefully. I feel like just some dusty book on a shelf.
Soft tone Lost and alone Breakin' the rules Avoidin' the pools Play my game Won't be the same Parade around Hear the sound Of my hear beating Breaking, up and shaking
There’s something in the air today.
In the beginning there was a GOD, there was none of anything, just the angels and their GOD Soon this being became lonely and wanted fellowship, and he created what isn't like GOD
War on Women  
That which makes me tick is hard to define Is the antidepressants stabilizing my mind? Is it the fear of failure or being left behind? Is the incessant tick tock ticking of time?
I matter Not because I’m white Not because I’m female Not because I’m rich   Because I am a human being Every word and opinion I express is important to me
Everything flying, falling away Nobody caring, sharing anyway. What if I could not should not care? What if it would not will not be fair?   If I make it through today
I know you’re out there, you’re always out there You hear like a god, see like a god It is you I write for, you I Would die for, you are the past, present And you, you are my future.
You smelled of stale beer and musty basements,And soon that smell became the only one I knew.You drank until you couldn't remember your own name,And screamed mine until your voice resonated off the walls.
Naw, see, a woman is not a sex organ. She is not determined by the swell & ebb of her breasts, the pinch of her waist, the tide of her hips or the surge of her thighs.
It is not just a thing. It is not just in my head. It is not something to "just get over." It is a part of us. It is a part of ME. It is mental. It is physical.
If I don't hold you down who will What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit
sometimes I ask myself why
I can do a push-up.Not the modified, girl kind;The "boy" ones, with my feet and all.But this is not a poem about me.  
The black girl. Built strong, legs long unlike her hair. Hair thick like her hips. Full lips. Left on this earth for a purpose but constantly forced by society to find it alone.
Help me father
I see the burning of the sky tonight, hues of orange to light, fades of blue; dark overcast, overnight, I tame sight. Lion in the sky roars to lay a mark; Seeing the heavenly fire creeping forward,
I cannot act, I cannot sing But allow me to tell you what I bring An artful imagery similar to that of a painting Without the brush, no rush
A Queen Birth from Sin Placed in a world ran by men. She can made up of various colors. A women Is a mans strength, his rock, his joy. A beautiful flower that has its own structure and design.
  I doubt it’s ever crossed your mind that I am not putting on a mask in the morning, but I am not hiding behind my mascara tube. I am putting on my armor.    Feminine is not soft. 
Can you tell me you love me Or that you don't even care About the outfit I put together And how I did my hair That you think I'm beautiful Every time you see me  And in the midst of everything
A path appears before you
I'm losing my mind it's three in the morning and my mind is starting to unwind, I'm going on auto drive and everything is so intensified,
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
Who am I?  Am I the person you see right in front of you?  Am I the person you hear people talking about?  Am I the person crying out for attention?  Am I the person who needs your approval on who I am? 
It's graduation All my hard work has paid off It's my time to shine
Slap me with your words and crawl into my mind  where you'll find me or what's left of me.  Grab me with your hands, handle me like you had handled me. Gently, 
I eat, breathe and think school.  Why? 
A memory was triggered today.
Greetings stranger, I am from the O.s. galaxy; many aliens have died in futile attempts to battle. Welcome to my mind, the requiem of of reality.
Some rose early , while others worked late into the night But at the end of our day, whatever time that may be We each must put our thoughts to bed,   The head may lie on soft down, 
In the mirror, I look up and stare at my reflection, Oh, man, I saw this coming. What a recollection. My makeup all smudged, all damp and out of line, Huh, it matched the line I tried to draw when you were mine.  
I looked up and saw that dark shadow, My keys fell to the ground, and I knew I wasn't allowed to make a sound. The next few seconds went in a blur, Until you bashed my head against the window my words began to slur.
  To fine for my description, yet woody remarks captures a glimpse of my innocents they call an image.
How to share your soul, How to share what you know,
Frustration is an act that no man should endure To sit and think  To wait and worry
watch me walk away you can run your fingers through the space i once filled but you will never know the skin within its pulsations follow only me and vanish as i do much like the stars i need to move
  i do not have sunken eyes nor do kitchen knives at midnight sink deep into skin only to rise sometimes my limbs shake without any breeze but never with the accompanying screams
welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.the general population is counting on you,they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.
Perfume "He says you smell good
And maybe those pains in your chest aren't heartburn, but the ache that comes from not living up to your own potential,
Jaded, corrupted, denied, abducted. The rose tinted glasses finally begin to crack. Blinded by the tales of damsels in distress.
Forever I’ve been contained in this small glass cage, No longer seeking anything but to survive. Having to hold in this pain and rage, And question whether or not I’m alive. Shall I continue my masquerade?
A Sparrow perched upon me. Shifting, groaning uncomfortably I hoped its company be brief.   Not for any hidden grudge,
I am alone,
     Who do you think you are? You think you have power over me, the ability to suppress my creativity and freedom of speech.  
The clock ticked And my desk squeaked. Bored; Bored: Bored! I roared. Yet I could not make a sound. He stood at the front. His nose to the ceiling. Not giving a thought to
The Fear of Failure You can do it, they all said No one can get in the way of your success, they assured Here is a list of resources to get you there, they gave
Always wanting something for nothing.Playing mind games and whining;While you lay all around the houseCrying and screaming.Sometimes something isn't hereBecause you haven't done anything
They say you will never amount to anything That the color of your skin is too dark You’re body too curved Skin too tinted…
Did my clothes grow a voice box and speak for me?Because my own voice couldn’t be heard over your insecurityThe only word I needed was noWhen a child first learns the word no
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
Digging deep down inside, There's no place to ride, I feel a since of emptiness, that sometimes I can not hide, Who cares about my up bringing, I surley am not suprised,
I am an old soul with a new state of mind Wondering through my mind are the obstacles that lie ahead The wind whispers in my ear, so clearly every word is heard
This breathing box, this imprisoning womb, Is my vision’s tomb. Birthing lineal contours, knives that cut ingenuity, Patriarchal forms, notions, popular standards strangle voice within a vast continuity.  
Growing up, I was toldthat all of me was wrong.A waist too big, breasts too small.Much too tall and far too wide.My parents encourageda hatred of my body.Told what not to eat.
Arm uswith the warpaint of ourgenerational struggle Remind usthat we are strong(stronger than our parentsstronger than we ever should have been)
We see one another everyday, and your talk is so condescending. Maybe it's because I don't have that look The look of your kind I get it. It's "God's Will" We don't see eye to eye because of our polar views
If I were older than I am,I would be travelling the universe.If I were wiser than I am,I would be writing countless books to inform the publicthat I am doing something.And although I am not older nor am I wiser;
In your life you're always judged. PRESSURED! YELLED AT! Until you're crushed. People will tell you you're not worth a dime. But giving up and crying is the biggest crime. Never stop until you're flying. Even if that means you die while trying.
All these DREAMS I am having. They are all free, yet worthless. Some seem sorrowful sometimes And some seem serious sometimes As if they were worth of being dreamt.   I have realized the hard way;
'No. Never. You can't do that. Fat chance. Oh yeah.' Dreamer girl hears the words. Full of anguish the pain hollows her bones.  Dreamer girl has but few believers and  vast naysayers.
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
  I write to learn about who I am to embrace the ugly things so that I can no longer call them ugly To force my attention to moments that sound dissonant in my mind 
Dreams fill our souls Weaving, spinning tales of love and laughter, Blossoming hearts. Scenes of life and color formed not in a lens, but in minds. Oh, the colors
It gets me through every day. It expresses what I cannot say. It lets me be someone else, or helps me to be just myself.   It is at times my enemy, but also my friend.
Escape Because a cruel world needs a safe place Dream Because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen can create a new reality Emotion Because tears come to often and tissue runs out Love
It all starts with a letter. Not a phrase. Not a word. Not even an idea. The letter is the crack in the dam that is a brain. Slowly the magic seeps through the crack. As time goes on, the crack grows.
    To write, is to express one’s self through words rather than actions.To write, is to speak out loud without really speaking.To write, is to release… everything.  
I live to write, to express my emotions and to empower my thoughts, to portray the world through my eyes. Its why I can breathe freely... With the use of my words I am reassured that I am alive,
There's a voice inside my heartAnd she's screaming at the top of her lungs pick up the penget the notebooksit at the computerfor God's sakelet me talk
you can dream big or you can dream small or you can dream nothing at all! but if you dream big and reach for the stars you just may succeed as far as you need and if you dream small
Why do I write
She snaps the heels off her stilettosThat never gave her enough stature.To cease treading lightly alongside theHenry Tudors and Pablo PicassosDue to two X's that cannot be overlooked
Sometimes more is said with lessThe lengths increase; the depths regressAnd some are too shy to converseAnd speaking more just makes it worse
It's all emotion, feeling the power escape when you let it free i love that feeling, the feeling of marking down who I am, feeling like me me and nobody else.. Just this little pen and paper
I write poems because poetry is my specialty. Without it, I wouldn't be me or even complete. I write because my handwriting is neat, And the material that I write is written to intrigue.
                                                                 Wondering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune
In my heart there were feelings That I never really showed In my mind there were thoughts No one would have ever known In my lungs there was air That would have never breathed words
With words I can open the eyes of our people The young, the old, the weak and the seemingly strong The ones who don't believe that they have a voice, An opinion, a choice, after they remove all the noise
Why do I write?Well, why do birds fly?Upon the updraft I take wing with pen and paper,Releasing the power within me, giving it to the world,No longer am I in control, deciding I stand here;
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
iris a remnant of ancestral land what left with the emerald isle ocular traits  those you so heavily rely on suitors respond alike the tides to gravitational pull
Everyone always wonders,At some point or another,What I am thinking about.Truly, if they knew what went onUp there in my noggin,I'd pity them greatly;No one should have to seeWhat it is I have seen.
I am a someone and not a something. I am derived from irreplaceable queens. I hear the war cries in my heart ring and when I bust through walls I hear them joyfully sing.
Your vibe I feel inside deep through my eyes, suprise, I rise, the soul flies like a magic carpet ride, all   the lies dies, as a woman like you becomes wise. For you special, beautiful like a rose petal, tender to  
Perhaps that want to see that light at the end of the tunnel as the old saying goes   or the light in a person’s eye when she reds a line she relates to   tbe glow in one’s features
At the start, I felt them place the chains upon me. Decisions, ideas, thoughts they decided for me, Pushed so hard I believed they were my own, Yet they were so different from the writing on my heart.
Let me tell you about an unrequited love in me It is everything but quiet     it is demanding and begs for my time, day and night Sometimes we are sleepless, dancing in between sheets of
The first time, there was no fight, not a wrong or a right. It had stung just a bit, no punch, just a little hit. Not a drop of blood or a mark, but rather a swoop in the dark. I wanted to ask you to stop
Destiny. Something you hold so tightly within your hands Something you strive to connect with that it seems your hands can't ever seem to find purchase Something so easy to see Something so foggy and unclear
As one of many puppets in a classroom, I must conform to every writing prompt. Each thought is controlled by the teacher. My freedom of expression is paralyzed by rules.
Let's be honest Truthfully, who are we? How can we keep stepping? Stepping towards our future one head at a time What is the meaning of life? A meaning that could be meaningful or less
Your voice Is a weapon Sharper than any knife More truthful than any gun
I think of a day when women had no rights And of places where this still somehow occurs. Not too long ago, women had no say at all. And women fought, and fight. Women are amazing.
I'm life decisions, I mutate like a virusthat affects everyone who living.I sometimes feel like a geniuswho invented the formula to wisdom.I made my choice to not act blindly in front of fear,
My brain is the engine. My feet and arms are the wheels. My tingling working parts that are inside is the interior design that I was giving the day I was built. Some people call me a classic because of my age,
This is a message to my generation; it seems we’re falling into condemnation, subtly but surely losing our concentration, losing our determination to seek God and witness His manifestation in our lives, too busy with our infatuation with TV, video
Today I take a stand, I take an oath I make a promise, to be the best woman that I can, dignified, untainted, and honest, I will be what God defines me as, instead of a product of my past, so I hold fast to what God says about me, forgetting what
I could blend in. In the background. Up against the wall Slip myself in between the paper and the plaster Beside the tile lining the bottom of the wall next to the cabinet And smile.
Yes, he lost the election But the scary part is apparently 47 percent of my fellow Hoosiers think it's cool to say God wanted you raped and vote for him anyway, which makes me think
My hand shakes as I write. Lines and curves. Quivering like a crisp leaf, as the calm before the storm dissipates. I have so. Many. Questions.
These bones are weak. They are frail and wispy. They are fractured, snapping as they break.
#TheStruggle By Beleicia Bullock
Woman reigns on her throne. She decides your fate with the third knuckle of her right index finger. You kneel before her as she uncrosses her thighs to stand. Delilah, with your head in her lap
She lays there with the blood coursing ever so slowly through her veins dying in her agony... atrophy from the antagonizing sorrow of the pain she feels in side... her eyes are glazy and cloudy
Being called ugly is not very fun. You can only handle so much until you’re done. You stop looking in the mirror and you stop taking pictures. You forget how to smile.
I speak Pythagorean, Platonic, stars, and shapes, imparting my knowledge to others. They love it, and tell me that I am Minerva, incarnate highest, uppermost, supreme.
Girls in lace dresses you are precious objects. Your blossom bursts open to soak up the sun. You are gazed upon as your fruit hangs heavy. You are ripe for the picking turned into a commodity.
I’m talking about crown on my head & power in my palms. Closed fist in the air as I defend my cause, To be treated like royalty and never anything less, For I know my worth, so don’t take my warm heart for weakness.
And suddenly it hits me like a punch in the gut that I can BE all these beautiful things I read: I can cut off my hair and wear fishnet stockings and clomp around in big black boots and I
Here's to the girl that never feels good enough The girl that felt alone and hated herself To the girl that doesn't have as much money as others Who's messed with at school for not having the newest Adidas
Strength through Pain
I am the moon When the light fades And the world turns a blind eye, I become alive. I show myself to only the darkness, Ane become The soul of the night. The stars puncture the darkness
What is black? And, what does it feel like? Black. maybe its constriction in dark, damp chambers, and gusts of fresh air once you've come to face the sun.
With silence, we took our beating, harsh cracks and whips replaced with slurs and snide remarks. We stand in protest, holding hands in unity while they their voices carry-- sharp barks.
The strength of a woman is her kindhearted ways that she forever displays. It’s her loving confident smile that takes you to the highest place with the glimpse of determination shone upon her face.
I. Think of a Polaroid, with its thick, white border around my snapshot of Kadeem, little boy with shiny onyx skin squatting behind white bars on my uncle’s porch by himself.
My heart pounding so hard, Nearly bursting out of my chest; Butterflies flutter wildly in my stomach. Will today be the day I see you again? I get dolled up – just in case. Now I’m late.
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