You can swim in my waves, but take care not to drown.

Be wary of the riptide that will drag you down

beneath the waves and out to sea,

too far into me

until you lose sight of your shore,

until I become everything you know and more,

until my salt water runs through your veins,

until what you think is love becomes chains

weighing you down, an anchor you can’t see

dehydrated delusions making you believe

that we’re still on the beach.


When your lungs give out and suck water in, I won’t notice

Because I am an ocean.

Larger than you could ever understand

I am an ocean,

and you are just a man.

I take up more space on Earth than all the land put together

you could never

be more than a speck at my surface,

meat to feed the sharks with.

What did you expect from me?

A swim in the surf and a calm life at sea?

I swallow ships with every storm,

make sailors wish they were never born,

level cities to the ground,

am indifferent as you drown.


Waves are only still in the instant before they crash.

You could never hope to tame me.


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