The black girl.
Built strong, legs long unlike her hair.
Hair thick like her hips. Full lips.
Left on this earth for a purpose but constantly forced by society to find it alone.
She ain't white...Shes no man, so she's forced to get it as she can.
In a world so tough to find your place there's little hope.
But for this little black girl it's definitely no joke.
You see instantly, she's judged on sight.
Just because her skin's not white, her bark automatically has a little more bite.
Words with a little more slang so shes untamed. 
Don't get me started with her name...
Just your average Baby Mama.
All assumed because her hips have a little more switch.
And her hair may have an extra stitch.
To a black man she's just your average Bitch.
Now she struggles to find love...
oh shes bitter and her edges are a little too rough.
Maybe she's had a few fights...
Few long nights asking god why a BLACK man turned her down because her skin wasn't light or her jeans didn't have the right kind of tight.
Her expectations lower...Because she feels he's all she can get...
She lets him hit and he doesn't even know her.
She's lost.
Growing up her father labeled her a Nubian Queen.
Society has labeled her an in between thing.
She can't find her place when shes judged by the color of her face.
What does she do?
She gets accustomed because you see to her it's nothing new.
Judged by many known by few.
She carries the burdens of society. 
It's own personal pack-mule.
Constantly reminded of their versions of her should-be beauty...
All while she's defining her Can-be. 
But she'll make it, oh yes she'll survive.
Because you see she is beautiful whether or not its in the beholder's eye.
From her switch to every stitch, Her biting bark to her ambitious spark. 
No matter how much you do her wrong wont matter long and this is why she's chosen. Held down for so many years but never broken. 
Choosing to be outspoken she's a Black Woman.
Built strong, legs long unlike her hair.
Hair thick like her hips. Full lips. 
Left on earth to find her purpose...
Each of them different, but when you see her...
Let her know that despite how society feels..
Shes everything but WORTHLESS.



I absolutly love this poem. It's what I've been wanting to write in a poem for a while but didn't know how to say it. Thank you for getting the word out!

Kwaunecia Rashae'

ThankYou for the feedback! I'm glad you like it! I just spoke from the heart and what i experience daily and upsets me. You do the same and you'll find your own way to express it!

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