The Maiden's Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know)

The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall


Please ignore their sugared stories.

Listen to our ancient lore.

Don’t speak of happy endings.

Not knowing what we bled for.


Respect was not what we’d gain.

After taming a wild beast.

We thought love would ease their pain.

When the remedy was a flesh filled feast!


I went out on blind belief.

That silence would grant me joy.

But, his love for me was shallow and brief.

No changes could catch me a boy!


No sense of time due to petty spite.

Bounded by a lazy, hazy, dreamy life.

Given a fate that I could not fight.

As mother of two and “beloved” wife!


Can’t believe we welcomed you home.

Dreaming harmony would arise.

Wish I’d left you to be stoned.

Once our land became your prize!


Ended many wars for my kin.

My love and I paid a price.

In the end no side did win.

We won with our lives we sacrificed!


Skipped far away from safety.

Unaware of what’s ahead.

Made friends with an enemy.

Should’ve heeded what mother said!


So listen up maidens, learn from our tale.

Fight to keep on granting your wishes.

We know you will prevail.

Though the woods are dark and vicious.


Hold onto your hearts, and use your wits.

Of witches, stepmothers and princes beware.

Pursue your dreams and don’t call it quits.

Educate yourselves and prepare!

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