owe me

“You owe it to me”

He says, with a genuine tone

“Come with me girl

Keep me company

Don’t you leave me all alone”



I say, strength in my voice
“I won't go with you

That's not my problem

And I've made my choice”


He looks me up and down

Taken aback

His mouth starts to open

And I prepare myself 

for the onslaught of attacks


“Stupid slut”

He spits

“You’re probably desperate

I don't want you”

All the while he stares at my tits


See, that's the thing

About boys like him

They act like we need them

As if they’re our saviours

While they make our lives quite grim


And they know it

The power they hold

That’s why they do this

Acting on hurtful impulses

Which are scandalously bold


But heaven forbid

We say something in our defense

It’s because they know

Our freedom to exist

Comes at their expense


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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