Real Feminist Strength

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 01:36 -- Holly

I think of a day when women had no rights
And of places where this still somehow occurs.
Not too long ago, women had no say at all.
And women fought, and fight.
Women are amazing.
It's no wonder we've fought so hard to be treated as humans.
Our bodies are capable of growing life
We are all beautiful and unique
We can nourish babies with our breasts
We can think in such wise and wonderful ways
We can do anything we set our minds to.
I'm so proud of my gender with how far we've come
And happy to live in a world where I'm a person
Not property.
I'm happy to be able to write this.
I'm happy to vote.
I'm happy to own things.
I'm happy to choose my partner.
I'm happy to not face execution for my behaviors just because of my gender.
I'm happy to be educated.
I'm happy to show my skin.
I'm happy to not constrict my body into a corset.
I'm happy to seek whatever career I choose.
I'm happy to be paid for work.
I'm infinitely happy and grateful for History's feminists and the work they did to make me free.
Being a feminist does not mean I do not value other lives too.
The common idea I hear is feminism and “pro-choice” being hand-in-hand
Yet Feminism is about women being strong
Not pushed around by society's views.
To me, real feminism is a woman valuing her body enough to take care of it
To understand her body and what it's capable of
And to value the product of her decisions despite what society says.
Feminism is staying strong with one's goals
But never at the expense of devaluing and casting aside her creations
No matter what the circumstance.
Real strength lies in accepting one's femininity rather than neutralizing it.


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