The Quiet Hush

A person you trust
Gives a quiet hush
With nothing to had, to love or to lust
The person you know, gives a quiet hush

Something that is spoken and not rushed
There is power in the words, spoken by the quiet hush
Nothing more important than that… that word of which was spoken
Oh quiet hush, your period is forthwith.

But all is not as we hoped
Time is thieving
The feeling is leaving
Death comes to the quiet hush

It comes slowly and touches her, where there is no fuss
Her time is done as the quiet hush
There are no more words spoken
The feelings flow in

I wish she was here, the quiet hush
Love and Peace go quietly away
The quiet hush leaves me, and I have nothing left to say.

Goodbye my friend, and travel in safety
You are my quiet hush
And I will miss you, dearly.

This poem is about: 
My family


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