War on Women


War on Women


Abominable acid attacks in Afghanistan

Barbaric burnings and birth control backlash

Campaigns and Committees constraining contraception

Defunding decency

Extend Empowerment and equality

For feminine Freedom

Girls grieving for a gentler Government

Husbands and Hypocrites hijacking her…

Innocence invaded in Iraq.


Keeps the kidnappers and killers

Love and liberties are lost to landmines

Military men mutilating mothers

Numbers neglected,

Objectified and oppressed.

Political propaganda praises a primitive past.

Quieting the Queens

Republicans redefining rape and reproductive rights

Soliciting sexism and shame

Times of terrorism; trafficking and trade

Uninsured and underprivileged

Vacant votes

War on women’s wombs

XX chromosomes

You’re not











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