Unrequited Love (of Humanity)

Let me tell you about an unrequited love in me

It is everything but quiet


it is demanding and begs for my time, day and night

Sometimes we are sleepless, dancing in between sheets of

sweaty dreams and tired eyes, yet we love and hope

tomorrow will be better.   

This unrequited love is like a vision

bright and lucidly tumbling in between folds of stories, wrinkles form.

Lately I am impulse that vibrates between a yes, and a yes. Always head strong, forward headed, hang that thought quickly on the clothesline, let it dry, sipping on sun and warm love.

Remember we are first bearing truths that taste of stranger fruits.

Second, we never wait longer than a minute.

Orchestrating the third, a road less traveled, the sight  we glimpsed through a kaleidoscope: idealizations that someday you will rush the earth into your palms, finding gold in what someone once called your foolishness.

Do not give up.

This love is asking that you continue, pursue meaning, peruse the inner most depth of those dreams, dipped in honest desires and honorable designs.

Justice! It cries, but equity mumbles at the face of sincerity.

I crushed colors of a volatile spirit in me once, and was lucky to recover, whole and sublime, the dream could not die. You my Unrequited, bring out the poet in me. I still believe.

Remember that lately, a vibrating impulse, sound wave eating a yes, and yes, Love, everything but quiet, speaks.


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