All It Takes is One

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 12:39 -- djcorby

Sometimes all it takes is one. Two is a couple and three is a crowd, but one is the difference that you need to separate between a few and many. Many revolutions grew from a few select thoughts ignited by action like gunpowder to flame. There is no shame in believing that one person can make a difference, regardless of where they stand.


Regardless of where they sit, or eat, or lay their head each time the night grants us the opportunity to work while we sleep because dreams, dreams are not that far off from reality. Dreams are goals with ambition, portraits of a world made perfect through a lens called possibility rather than a focus called failure.


There is no time like the present yet we waste it like it is a gift that we never even wanted. How many times must we limit ourselves to a road called history before we realize that we can drive off of the beaten path? We don't take the road less traveled just so we can see our footprints; we take it so we can explore that which we do not know.


Let us too remember that we do not know as much as we have been told because being told and knowing are two completely different states of mind. Even teachers will show you that true learning takes place outside of the confines of printed words on glossy paper and 15-minute recreation breaks.


The academia of life used to be free and had space for everyone until we stopped studying and instead focused our attention on mathematics-more specifically, divisions created by decades of inequalities that subtracted values and left only fractions of our world with the correct answer. With parenthesis we privatized our most precious resources and watched as our fellow classmates fell prey to a system of pedagogy that favored those with a lighter shade of skin.


Education became a privilege rather than a right, and as a privileged recipient of a diploma reading "Opportunity" I understood the fine print that said "use it wisely," and I plan to. There is a world of good to be done in the war on history's mathematic complexities when our weapon is an army of education. 


You may be yet one soldier in a battle full of billions but sometimes, all it takes is one.


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