To All Who Have Doubted Me


If I were older than I am,
I would be travelling the universe.
If I were wiser than I am,
I would be writing countless books to inform the public
that I am doing something.
And although I am not older nor am I wiser;
my ambitions would make a 40 year old man
with his fingers tapping on a key board in a cubicle,
look down at his cold coffee and wish for
something more
something extravagant
Dreams and ambitions are two different things
for I know my ambitions will be achieved
while dreams seem in a faraway land
which I was to go to,
to prove myself wrong.
And all my ambitions state that my calling,
seen as cliché and boring (although it is not),
is to travel the world and explore behavior
of our brothers and sisters in other lands
of our family in the sea and the jungle
and if I could have a great white shark brush against me
as gently as I wish to touch an African boys little heart
my ambitions would be complete.
Changing lives and changing the world,
it seems like but a dream that most adults sit
and wish for while they’re typing away on their keyboards
in their cubicles
with their cold coffee.
But the difference between them and I
is I am not older,
I am not wiser,
I am more ignorant,
but from my experience in life,
I know what I am capable of,
and it is beautiful.


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