The Prince and the Empowered Woman

There once lived a prince with a high status quo

 and a pauper whose status meant naught


but a fated encounter

brought them together

and the prince indeed fell in love


The pauper’s feelings were the same as well

But the prince would never be able to tell


He asked her to court

She asked, “for sport?”

And he rolled his eyes high above


After several dates, their fate did await

And the prince got down on one knee

He said “oh, love of my life I want you by my side”

“Oh, please will you marry me?”


She stuck up her nose and shook her head no

And answered in a voice oh so very low

“I have a job of my own so please go home”

“I don’t need no prince to show me the ropes”


She turned with a spin

And left him dead in his tracks

Knowing she’d never come back


Feeling the opposite of a champ

He decided that he was done with that tramp


He opened his tinder, and then swiped left.


Bringing the end to a modern romance


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