Glass Child

Dear glass child

The way the sun shines through you is blinding  It looks like heavens pouring out of your skin

Dear glass child

You are so beautiful

I’m so sure that God picked you up and put you down a million times before he sent you to earth

Contemplated your smile a hundred times and how much was “just enough” light to your eyes

glass child

Sometimes you are less than transparent


We only see the outside and not the swirling storm thats within

Glass child

You are fragile

Only to be handled with the utmost care because When you hit the floor, 

you shatter 

and The pieces go flying

Trying to put yourself back together.... hurts

It hurts like broken promises

It cuts like fatherless daughters 

It cracks under pressure of tried relationships

Glass child

Do you know how glass is made 

It’s made with so many materials

Forming at hight temperatures it has the ability to be shaped and moulded into anything

Into beauty

Into art

Glass child you have the ability to be shaped and moulded into anything

Into courage

Into strength

Sometimes glass is not as heavy as it looks or as vulnerable as it feels

It is strong 

You are strong

And the process is beautiful

And when its all said and done we admire 

We observe the way the light shines through you

It looks like heaven is pouring out of your skin

This poem is about: 
My family


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