The Light in Darker Times

Summer has gone, the leaves have turned, and the world spins closer to darkness.

The money is gone, the family has split, and the midnight sky is starless.

The house is gone, the nights are long, my soul is lost and broken.

The light that shined through bitter times, the beacon, the sign, is stolen.

Tried alcohol not once but twice, I contemplated leaving.

I even thought of suicide, I showed my inner demons.

And through it all, the rise and fall, I found my silver lining,

For friends did come and lend a hand, arrived with perfect timing,

They took me in, with warm embrace, I did not dare stop smiling,

They brought me back from darker times, they helped to keep me fighting.

My friends are there through thick and thin, they never leave my side.

It’s always good to have someone with which you can confide.

When darker times did steal my light, and blind me from the pathway,

My friends unite to join the fight, my unrelated family.


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