What I Am

The creation is never able to be greater than the creator
And so I should never be surprised when you have something different in mind for me.
Even though I suffer and "suffer",
These tree branches above my head still touch the sky
The bumble bee buzzes
The bluebird forages under the leaves for seeds and insects
This forest around me still grows, 
And breathes, 
And laughs,
And plays,
And dies,
And is born in the spring.
Music still plays, seasons still pass, the sunset and sunrise still glow
And yet, as big as this forest is, it is one of millions of unique forests that cover the planet
Our whole world is like a forest
And still moves through time as one being
So why should I be the one to govern how the world works, 
When all I can see is limited to the horizon in front of me?
You have given me instructions, and the place where I was born, 
And allow challenges to come in order to make me see more clearly
It is so beautiful, yet I ask for things that are no way mine to own.
Since you know, only you know, how and where this world will turn,
What good and bad things can come out of the imaginary "impossible",
Then it is in my place to put my trust into you, Lord,
To follow your instructions
And start the adventure of a lifetime
Unafraid because I know that the one who holds the forests is on my side,
Unafraid because my past is gone and over
To burn in your inferno when the world becomes cold.
You can heal the sick, 
Strengthen the depressed
End the wars,
Reunite families,
Defy the demons
Not me,
But through me,
When I let you in.


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