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You rip off your clothes and he tears off his. Wait.

Come back you’re going too far.

See my clothes are my inner feelings and things I cannot express.

His clothes are mainly his we… We as a whole universe can’t think with passion.

Instead you PASS ON back to our past.

Because, the girl who has the passion isn’t like your last.


You passed on the girl who could’ve been the one because she had no ass?

Excuse me, you passed on the girl who could’ve been the one because her body looked bad?

Remember, “Slim thick with your cute ass?”

Yeah, what does that even mean?

I looked up Urban Dictionary and what I found was mean.

A girl with big toned thighs, plump booty, normal sized hips, and a flat toned stomach.

How can you have a flat toned stomach and be big boned?


How do you want slim thick when you can’t even handle thick?

You see “Thick” and you get sick.

So now there’s thick and a stick to make slim thick.

I can’t fathom how slick men can play with our minds like it’s David Blaine’s magic tricks.

And now we are tricked to be slim thick for men who can only think with there….(sigh)


I’m so sick, so sick of men that made slim thick.

But we can blame that 1738 dude who can’t see for shit.

Putting obligations on my body like he owns it.

I say SLIM THICK over and over again because I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

How can you bash women’s body types and still call yourself a man?


We as women can’t escape the blind dudes who yell 1738.

We just got to, move on and be great.

We just got to, be great in a way they’ll stop being stupid and actually graduate.

From the squuuuaaad *fetty wop voice* that yells 1738.

We just got to be so great, so that your man will take you another date.

So great that, that one man will look past the size and the clothes you wear,


The kind and texture of your hair,

The type of underwear,

The stretch marks that stretch from your boobs to your stomach,

Or the, bones that shows on the sides of your stomach,

And hopefully one day he’ll look into your eyes when you rip off your clothes and say “I love it.”


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