Mrs. Lady In The Mirror


Your vibe I feel inside deep through my eyes, suprise, I rise, the soul flies like a magic carpet ride, all


the lies dies, as a woman like you becomes wise. For you special, beautiful like a rose petal, tender to


the touch but mean so much, you remind me of me, so we are meant to be, friends into the next


century, keep smiling, with your sexy hips got my mind exercising in silence, as we are mesmerizing,


survivors forever while friendship makes us better. As I cherish you like a Mother, where the love is


like no other you are blessings, like when angels sing, their nuturing gives hopes and dreams,


supreme queens they are spirits luminous like a star, capturing their love like fire flies in a jar. Their


beautiful minds, follow line, within time, her heart rhymes with telepathy, mind reading is her specialty

.....Much Love



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