Isn't it such a big wordLost in our lazy, selfish worldSimply meaning to stay in the raceKeeping running no matter the pace Persevere, keep going onDon't stop at all keep going strongNo matter what life throws at youYou keep going strong, no matter what it will put you through It may keep you up at night cryingSometimes you may feel like dyingYou just cry, cry and let it outNever, ever get a doubtDoubt you are not strong'Cause only the brave know its not wrongNot wrong to fall into tears sometimesWanting to run away from the high tidesOnly the strong knowThat sometimes you have to break down and let goLet go all the pain and sorrowGaining enough strength to face tomorrow.Because at the end of the dayYou're left alone, while others might get to playYou alone feel the pain, hurt and burdenOnly you are left to feel uncertainUncertain about life, uncertain about deathAbout right and wrong, about the reward and the wealthBut yet still you wake up the next dayReady to go again without complain You persevere, you keep strong with every tryBecause you know one day God will answer your cryYou face your problems everydayYou persevere, you be brave, and you stayEven though every blue moon you wonder... WhyYou then begin to cryYou persevere and dry your eyesYou look past the pain, deceit and liesAnd you find your strengthThat perseveres you to the END!...

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