Explosions Are Satisfying, Implosions Are Not

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 20:44 -- Kacuna



I write to learn

about who I am

to embrace the ugly things

so that I can no longer call them ugly

To force my attention to moments that sound dissonant in my mind 

so they can be in harmony with my heart



I write because I am bad

at drawing objects

so I write to paint what is in my head using only the 

figurines I can draw, which are known as letters


I write so I can love the little things

To zoom into mundane moments and make them significant

Dissect the past and accept it

by forcing myself to recount moments that make me squirm

in discomfort

I write so that when I think of these moments,

I do not cringe with regret


I write because the tears won't come out 

and my feelings need some sort of release

so I must push out these words

so that I do not suffer

an introverted eruption

I write because explosions are satisfying and

implosions are not


I write to grow

I am not the same person

I was

when I wrote a poem about

I am growing 

I am different

I am new

but I am still me

and so I write


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