Pep talk

"I am frustrated 

so very frustrated."


It's all for the best,

I swear.

It's all just a way to make you see

what potential you have, kid.

You will be everything and anything 

as long as you take a leap 

in a hole

of nothing more than your inner soul

find yourself 

yes, find all of you



Indeed she's there

waiting for you to grab ahold of her

waiting for you to make her the happiest girl.


Don't cry 

Don't scream 

Be careful with those bees

One squeal 

And you'll be stung-- running as fast as a zebra.


I swear,

It's all for the best.

Just wait and see

you'll cry in joy, hugging me

screaming how you found the truth 

Hiding behind the tree


Was it hard, kid?

Ah, sweat and tears are nothing.

You did great.

Now come, come.

Let's go find a place

For some sweet treats.





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