“You’re nothing but a dirty, nasty female

His words rang in my ear

Rang in the air

The venom in his tone flooded the classroom

It seeped through his self-satisfied smirk


I could feel the blood flowing through my body

My heart was pumping adrenaline through my veins

Thump thump. Thump thump

I looked him in the eyes

And I broke into a grin


“I am,” I said

“I am the dirt swept under the rug

From every rape victim shunned

Every child told

‘It’s our little secret’


I am the fire roaring through the hearts

Of all who come before me

All who come after

Every individual told

‘you’ll never amount to anything’


I am the female you describe

Awful, icky, vile

Impure, revolting, unclean

Sickening, horrid, vulgar

I am a nasty woman”


And he finally sat down.


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Our world
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