To My Future Daughter

To my future daughter,

I had hope to never have you,

but don't think of yourself as unloved or unwanted,

rather you are my miracle, my salvation.

I didn't want to bring you into a world full of pain and sorrow

you are my precious flower

able to grow under any harsh conditions

and bloom so beautifully that even angels are jealous

Babygirl, you are my heart, and I can't bare to see you break

this world is not ready to see your light

I worry that it will be snuffed out by the darkness reality brings

But i know you'll be strong,

stronger than me, your mother

stronger than your father

you'll be stronger than your ancestors

because I will show you the way.

I'll teach you to smile even when there is nothing left to smile about

to never hurt the world, because it's already hurting

to cry only after you solved your problems,

cry out of relief rather than despair.

This life will test you time and time again,

just know I'll be here when you need answers.

Never be afraid to ask for help,

but know the difference between help and dependence.

I'll give you my love, my power and my soul

all you need to do is ask.

There is still much for you to fight for

and I'll sacrifice myself for you to continue fighting.

The war is not us vs them,

It's us against ourselves

My little girl, I'll never deny you or shame you away

just because you see blue instead of pink,

I'll show you all the colors of the rainbow.

You won't have to worry about your anger,

you won't succumb to your rage

or become the victim of someone else's

I'll teach you to love every part of your body,

not just the parts you believe to be beautiful,

because you are the definition of beauty.

But know that being beautiful doesn't mean you should be displayed

or touched without your permission.

Don’t forget that your mind is powerful,

it will be your shield and sword,

develop it to where nothing can shake you,

To where you are at peace with yourself,

To where you know your purpose in this world.

My daughter, you are meant to do great things,

Even if you are the most average out of the average,

Even if you see yourself as the lowest of the low.

You’ll be my greatest accomplishment.


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