Loyalty: To Her, Us, Me

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 20:43 -- Jazziie

If I don't hold you down who will

What if I don't hold your hand when you're ready to quit

Why should I let you think poorly of yourself

Or even be the venemous vessel for what caused how you felt

How can I stand by your struggle

Allow you to drown in your pain and hurdles

I probably can and should share my knowledge

Not leave you in the ghetto instead of push you to college

I am my sister's keeper they say

But we can keep, help, and unify our sisters everyday

You see her discouraged and don't keep it moving

You'll be surpised what your small moments of uplifting could be doing


Hello ladies yes we are all that

Yet we act like rivals because our skin, hair, and size don't match

In between our legs, our intuition, and emotions

Make us one in the same so why think with other notions

The beauty it is to bear a child

The convincing ourselves that a man is worth while

The ruthlessness we show when doubted or challenged

The honor and pride we feel after all of our obstacles managed

It takes a village to raise a child so just uplift a budding mother

Each female has a past, a story like no other

In slight miscommunication too quick to shout and shove

Rather we should band together with forgiveness, encouragement, and love


How could you expect others to be ever loyal to you

When keeping your promises to yourelf isn't something you do

You've made some unsuccessful attempts to stand your ground

But cheers to you for at least trying to hold yourself down

However on a daily basis you need to push and fight

Past bullying, depression, poverty, and laziness until the night

You need to start then stay zealous for what you want to achieve

Because any time of day men can downplay her, us, and me

Be your own hero to finish each task you start

But don't quit or even slack off to earn credit within your heart

You are your own power but can be your ball and chain

A princess who can not rule herself will never be able to reign




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