Little Miss Sunshine

They see my smiles beaming, my laughter singing as I rejoice in the beauty that is life

“Little Miss Sunshine,” they say. 

They see my eyes inflamed with purpose, my lips speaking my truth, my brows creased with frustration and defiant thought

“Little Miss Attitude,” they say. 

They see my sorrow,

“Little Miss Sensitive” they say

My passion and drive for a future where I stand toe to toe with any man, side by side any woman

“Little Miss Feminist”, they say

My belief in an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and omniloving God

“Little Miss Religious”, they say

“Little Miss Independent”

“Little Miss Smarty”

they say

they say

they say

   -    enough, I say.


I am a woman

With days of sun and showers of rain

Aware of your ridicule, institutionalized disparities, your ignorance

But infinitely more aware of my potential.

Little is your mind for trying to box in the fiercest and most beautiful vine - that is a woman.







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Our world


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