Prince of the Heavens

He created me from the clay that He created you with

My heart chants your name

My eyes brim with unshed tears

When I’m hopeless, desperate and alone, your miracles alight my face with a smile

O grandson of the Prophet, millions cry out to you for miles and miles

You created the pedestal for justice and equality

A platform that millions  desperately scramble towards

History has not yet met a martyr or soldier like you

Your message of equality makes the coldest eyes shed tears

The coldest of hearts light with your love

The ruthless tyrants of today shake when they hear your name

How could it be that someone so esteemed couldn’t silence the sounds of evil?

The world is desperately seeking refuge from this monstrosus of reality

They know that when they come to you, their hearts will never come back

In this world where we are slaves to materialistic things

Your message has enlightened my heart to guide others towards you

Savior of humanity, your message was never for only the Muslims

Like a mother, you open your arms and beckon everyone towards you

With the purpose to love and guide

I stand in a society where I think my voice is too quiet

But when I stand up to speak your name, it brings forth hundreds

Why is it that my heart trembles and shatters when I hear your tragedy

But your grace and your blessings have morphed me into the woman that I am today

With your name, I made a promise

That if the voices are loud, mine will be the loudest

O Hussain, you’ve made this Earth unworthy to live on after your martyrdom

But it’s my heart that screams and says ‘You are one’

An ambassador of the message that gives refuge for millions today

You’ve given me a task to do so God is pleased with me on Judgement Day

Morphing my soul into one that embodies strength and commitment

I devote my time, my life, and my energy to spread your message

You taught me that when the shackles of oppression are around my neck

Around the necks of those in  Yemen, where children huddle close to their mothers

In Syria, where the cries of citizens are silenced by gunshots

In Palestine, where children don’t live to see their dreams play out

‘To remember me always because I won’t turn my back’

You taught me the essence of contributing to the greater good

You taught me the essence of how to embrace patience

Time and time again, your name has brought those out from injustice

Greatest teacher in the world who teaches me the greatest lessons

I am a creation of God, but one whose voice can shake the mountains

Because you are my role model O Hussain, the one that led the greatest revolution.



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