To Girls in Lace Dresses


United States
34° 3' 33.6744" N, 117° 0' 31.6368" W

Girls in lace dresses
you are precious objects.
Your blossom bursts open to soak up the sun.
You are gazed upon as your fruit hangs heavy.
You are ripe for the picking
turned into a commodity.
You are a delicate vessel
laced with insecurities.
Programmed by others to fail and be consumed.
Girls in lace dresses
you are empowered individuals.
It isn’t your fault
nobody bothered to tell you that you are the whole tree.
Your roots dive into deep soil to hold fast and bear the cross
of daring to be feminine in a world that equates femme with weak
soft with feeble
women with limited
and expects you to stay silent.


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