You've been walking long

Cheap, hard, a bad life 

Shady friends, cigarettes and hard liquor 

I know you want to rage 

I know you want happiness, and it's on its way


It's rage, release the power attitude

It's power, let me know what you're waiting for

It's rage, release the glory of strength

It's a raging war, It's a man's world

It's a powerful race called rage 


You've been steady trying 

Heroine and powder in your way, you've had a complex life

Undecided and high without the smoke

I know you want to rage, I know you want power 

And glory is twelve steps away


You can keep your head down 

Or pull your body up

You can let your crown fall

Or hoist it back up

We're all at a ball

We all want it all 

But that's the beauty of rage


It's a raging war, It's a man's world 

But that's the beauty of rage

This poem is about: 
Our world


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