I am a woman, not an object

I am a someone and not a something.

I am derived from irreplaceable queens.

I hear the war cries in my heart ring

and when I bust through walls I hear them joyfully sing.

But you Mr. XY chromosome want to silence me and bind me in chains like a barking dog.

Do my veins not burst with rivers of red human ancestry?

Do my fingers read nonexistent on test just because I can rock a dress?

I am more than heels and makeup.....

I am eternal soul.

Try to hose down my internal fire that ignites my soul.........I DARE YOU.

And from those ashes a phoenix shall rise and I, a woman shall destroy your towers of sexism

   and double standards.

Your towers will collapse and crumble beneath you like the twin towers

Because my persverence and power is your 9/11.

I am a woman and believe me when I say I am no feminist.

But I honorably object!

I am THE woman not a man pleasing,

child bearing,

house cleaning,

sex giving,



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