It wasn't really the words

Rather, the art

The way it was spoken
The way it was expressed
That feeling of empowerment
That I saw, through the eyes of my friend
Standing tall, fearlessly herself
Years before, I wouldn't believe it to be true
When she hid behind the crowd
Couldn't work up the courage to say


I watched
And listened
And learned
A new form of communication
On that stage
That stage where it seemed you didn't need to be silent
Didn't need to be afraid


Your words
Your feelings
Your story
 Where no human being could walk up and stop you
Say you're too small, or too quiet, or not good enough
Or you don't try hard enough
No one blocking your mind from speaking out loud


I wanted that
I didn't know where to find it.
19 years of my life I spent,
Fearful of the world
of myself
of simply. speaking.

What If I say something wrong?
What If I upset someone?
I'm sorry.
No I'm not.
Yes I am!
No. Your. Not.
My brain says one thing, my mouth lies to protect my anxiety.
I created an identity
I was always on a mission.
To discover the cure.
I discovered that from her that day.

"Say it, out loud."

"They will remember me"

Sitting in the audience, her words stabbed me.
Right in the heart.
I want to be remembered
I don't need to be afraid.
I'm not afraid.

"Say it, Out LOUD."

They need to remember me.
They will remember me. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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